Monday, September 27, 2010

Recovery Walk 2010

Saturday our family participated in the Pro-Act Recovery walk in Philly. This was a walk to raise funds for Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers across the Nation. I've blogged about the Women's Recovery Center in New Britain before. My mom organized a team to walk to raise money for the WRC... the great part is that all the money we raised went directly to the WRC! We're so thankful to everyone that supported us in the walk, so I want to give a little shout out to the following: Mom & Dad Mangin, G & G, The Motts, The Emrs and The Emersons. We really appreciate each of you and our team raised over $1200- so THANKS!!
We had to get the kiddos up at 6:30am
Sleepy Cal looked pretty bright eyed
Kenzie... not so much!
Kira was up and giddy!
Ok I have to tell you just how much I love that she owns a mesh sports skirt! Mom and Dad bought it in Hawaii and it's one of my favorite things ever. Kira is sooo girly, but loves to play hard too. I think the princess skirt, sparkle sweatband, and mesh skirt is just hysterical :)
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Kira just adores here Papa!
What a pair they make!
Mom did an Amazing job organizing our team and put in so much effort to raise funds for the WRC :)

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Kira got to be in the Honor Guard Picture... This was a huge photo of people that have been sober for over 10 years. Papa has 23 years and we're so thankful for how God turned his life around 23 years ago!
What a beautiful view and a great morning!
Cal loved seeing the boats and the bridge... Of course I was freaking out about them being near the edge :) It was a long drop down and I don't light heights :)
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Callen was a little sleepy from getting up so early and missing his nap
Angie (on the right) with her Mom. We met Angie through the WRC and she's an awesome lady and one of the most friendly people ever!
We had a little entertainment during the walk
Just a few of our team walking down Market Street
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Both fireplaces were finished today... the playroom looks great- the family room... not so much... They used the wrong stone and didn't drystack?? We're in the process of getting that fixed. So many details in this darn process. :)
This is the FP in the kiddos playroom. I'm planning on painting the room grey. It's my fav right now. I think I'd paint the entire house grey if I could. The grout is super dark b/c it's still wet, but it will lighten a good bit (thankfully)
Lots more pics to follow... we're almost done! Yay!
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Conclusion: It's always something in my world...

I was running late get the kids from school... well not late, but just barely going to make it. All is going fine until the car in front of me does this...

Seriously it looks like an optical illusion, but nope it's not.

The elderly woman just stopped at the sign and then started to make a right, but instead kind of just drove off the road! I didn't know a car could do this... She put it in reverse and was just putting the pedal to the metal! I parked, walked over, tapped on the window, and suggested that I didn't think that would work b/c her wheels were not on the ground :) I helped her get out b/c as you can see the side of her car was about 3 feet higher than normal... Thankfully, another man pulled over to help b/c no sooner did I get her out of the car, she walks around front to check on the car and trips on the gravel and falls. I helped her up and noticed she was bleeding on her knee. She's insisting it's fine and I'm seeing that her pants are turning red. Within 5 seconds her pants are drenched, her shoe is completely red, and I'm applying pressure on a gash like none other. Right about now I'm thinking- really, is this happening? Is there a car randomly in the air, and did this nice lady choose to fall on the only rock in a 10 feet radius??? Well long story short, the police came, and after being pretty confused by the blood and my insistence that there was no accident, and explaining that the woman had tripped, I was allowed to leave.
Needless to say the kids we're picked up late, BUT at least they were picked up... I just might have forgotten that preschool is NOT full day and not arranged for anyone to pick Kira up this morning... I might have gotten a call from the school while I was out working for Agora about an hour away... Maybe that happened maybe not. Based on my track record I'll let you take a guess.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The other evening E took the kids outside to play in the leaves. They all raked up a small pile and then jumped in for some fun. These leaves are a little yucky, but the kids had fun! We'll definitely be taking lots of fall leaves pics in the next few weeks!
Of course Kira would be wearing a flowergirl dress playing in the leaves.

Darn the shadows... but still fun
Having so much fun!
Thanks daddy for playing and thanks for taking pictures. It's not too often I find pics on the camera that I didn't take!
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Love this pic of Kenzie! Even though she's growing up, she still loves to play!
Cal was scared at first b/c of all the crunching, but eventually LOVED it!
Getting comfy with the leaves now!
Helping us rake!
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Monday, September 13, 2010


Kira started preschool this morning! She's officially a member of the Duck Class at QCS! She has been talking about "being a duck" since about Christmas of last year! I can't tell you how many people stopped me at the preschool to say they couldn't believe she's already in preschool! (She's been dragged in there for pick up and drop off 3-4x a week for 3 years now!) She did an awesome job and ran right in to play with her friends! We're SO excited that Kira, Danny, Kayla, and Regan are all in the same class! It's awesome!
I took a few pics of our little duck before school this morning.
Thanks to Steph for this adorable outfit she got KJ for her birthday- the only thing missing is a pink pair of Converse and they will be coming this weekend! :)
All pink and Kira-ish!
She's such a big girl and I can't get enough of the faux suspenders, I wish I got a pic from the back b/c they just kill me!
Thanks to Lindsey for loaning us a backpack- Kira's accidentally got put into storage. This princess one was perfect!
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Oh boy, I hope the Duck class is ready for this little crazy princess!
I love you Kira Jane and I'm so proud of you! Posted by Picasa
Kayla and Kira... a little silly of both of them!
Danny had no intentions of smiling for this picture! He was looking so handsome though (and now it's time to hand the tee shirt over Steph! :) )

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Progress while we were away!

Just liked the beautiful weather and decided that I'm going to LOVE this house in the fall with all the pretty trees!
The family room is finished! We also had the fireplace mantle cut down a bit and a conduit put in so that we can mount our tv over the fireplace! I'm really excited about this but Eric's still on the fence. It won't be as high as a normal FP mounted TV, so I think it will be fine.
FR again... We only put 6 lights in the FR and I think I'm going to absolutely regret that... the old house had 8 and was smaller... Ugg there are too many details to get it all perfect. I'm sure once I'm not living out of boxes I won't care about 2 missing recessed lights! :)
The corner of the kids playroom. This room seems a lot larger with the finished drywall. I am SO excited to have a big playroom for the kiddos and all their friends!
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