Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's in a name?

Okay, so I was informed by Eric that although Hayes is by far his favorite name (and he insists the name for the bathroom was such an awesome gift) he does not want us to commit to a name yet. He really wishes that we were both so in love with the name (like we were Kira's) and so we are going to remain uncommitted once again. :) He said that if the baby were born today he would be Hayes Owen, but just in case we come across something else, we're leaving the door open. So, yes we call him "Baby Hayes" for now, but who knows what he will be come February.
Sorry for the Drama! :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bye Bye Baby Nursery...

Today was Kira's big move into her new bedroom. We are moving her down the hall into Kenzie's old room (Kenz and Kade now share a room) so that Hayes can have her room. It's a lot easier b/c it's closer to the master bedroom and has all the baby gear (changing table, rocker, etc) that we'll need.
I was a little sad to move Kira out of her nursery already, so I quickly took some pictures of her in her room so that I could remember the special time that she was my little one. :)
She didn't want to cooperate, but at least I have the memories :)
Happy girl!
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Kira's last few moments in her old crib
I am going to miss her nursery... I really loved it- AND it was only done about 15 months ago :)
First nap in the big girl bed! I gave her a pillow to make the whole "big girl" thing complete. She really liked it!
Have a good nap in your new big-girl room!
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Cheesy 1st song...

Sorry for the cheesy first song, but Jonas Brothers or not, it gets stuck in my head. This way maybe I'll hear it so often that I get very sick of it! :) Enjoy!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mom-Mom and Papa got Kira this adorable baby set. They had it all set up for her as her last present when she woke up from her nap.
Seeing her present...
Mom-mom loved watching Kira play
And it didn't take long at all for Kira to get right in... we're still working on the "baby" concept :)
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Christmas Morning at Home

We had so much fun on Christmas morning! The kids are at really fun ages and they were so exited about the gifts they were giving and of course the ones they were getting :) We had a nice, relaxing time opening our stocking and presents before heading out for a day with the extended family.

Looks like Santa came!
Each year Santa uses a different paper than we do... this year I think he went kind of Budget and bought it at Giant... so it wasn't the nicest coordination of paper... Next year I will make a paper recommendation for Santa so that it looks nice with my paper :)
First present of our Christmas Stocking... Coughdrops!
Kaden's first stocking present... Sweedish Fish!
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I told them to look surprised... Kaden looks like he was electrocuted!

The closest we got to a picture of all 3... Kaden had already started eating Sweedish Fish... oh well...

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Kira LOVED her stroller. She pushes it like a mad woman around the house
This is a picture of these silly little birds that I got for Kenz and Kade... they tweet and spin around and are sound activated. Eric thought they were such a waste of money (a whole 4.99 by the way) but the kids LOVE them! They have played with them tons and they thought they were sooo cool. So ha! Once in a while Mommy's know a thing or two :)
Pixos were on Kaden's list to santa.
Two sleepy Girls having fun opening presents!
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The one gift Kenzie REALLY wanted from Santa was a Parrot Webkin. Well he delivered and man, there was no shortage of excitemen!

Thanks Santa!
We loved watching how excited Kenzie was over each of her presents! So fun!
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Eric and the kids made awesome, framed artwork for me. I was about to open Kenzie's. We hung them going down the stairs to the basement. They look great!
Kenzie was thrilled with the present that Kaden bought for her... He got her a Polly Pocket set. She bought him a gumball machine. It was really neat to let them go out with their own money and get something special. They were both so excited to give their gifts.
Kira and me opening yummy snacks!

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Thanks Morgan, Philip, and Karen for my DS!
Kira loved her BIG present from Santa!
One of the kids' favorite gifts was a "Nightmare Before Christmas" Jack nightlight. They're pretty obsessed with that movie!
Kira carefully opening...
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Hayes Mangin

Well it's final...Baby Mangin #4 will be Hayes Mangin (middle name TBD.) We were between Nolan and Hayes, but Eric loves Hayes and I was just kind of "whatever" with both names. Eric and Kenzie have been calling the baby "Baby Hayes" for months, and eventually I found myself calling him that in my head too. :) So for xmas I surprised Eric with Hayes name to go up in the bathroom. It was a really fun gift and the one I was most excited about.
Eric kind of threw me off my game the last few days though b/c he kept questioning how serious I was about the name and telling me that I wasn't sure... so I started second guessing, but it's final... I think of the baby as Hayes and Hayes he will be. :)

So you finally have a name little man... Hayes Mangin
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Christmas Slideshow

So, yes... I think I am becoming a lazy blogger :) I will post some of my favorite pictures soon, but for now I just made a slideshow of some of the decent pics (unedited- so be nice!)

We had a wonderful Christmas! Christmas eve we went to church and then had dinner with the Nobles here at our house. It was a really nice evening together! On Christmas morning the kids had a wonderful time opening and giving presents! After our time here, we went to my parents and had an awesome brunch together. We opened stockings and presents there and then had a relaxing afternoon playing with some new toys and of course playing some new Wii games. :) After that, we headed to Eric's parents' house for Dinner with everyone. We are actually waiting to do Mangin Christmas until Jan 3rd when Bry and Kel come in to visit, but it was still really great to be together yesterday as well.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Comes to Oak Tree Drive!

Last night we had a visit from one of Santa's Helpers. He came on a fire truck and said hello to all the kids on our street.
Santa's Helper, Kenzie, and Kaden
The Stroup Family and Santa's Helper
Bye! Thank You!
We're pretty sure that Santa sent a helper because he was REALLY busy getting all the presents ready for tonight! Yay!
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