Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh Winter Sickness- GO AWAY!

Kira girl is sick! This weekend she started going downhill fast! Today I took her to the doctors and she has an ear infection and a nasty cold all of which is accompanied by a yucky fever! Well, we have her on meds now and in another day she should be much better and back to herself. I can hardly keep up with all the drippy stuff that's coming out of her eyes, nose, and mouth (she cut her 1st tooth on Friday).

So goopy!

Even though she's a mess- she can still melt my heart

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Just hanging in my jumperoo watching some tv with Kaden
Sweet big brother
as always, something on his face... I promise I do wash him after a meal!
Little peanut!
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Second Shooter!

This weekend I assisted at my very 1st wedding! My friend owns SLPhotographic Art and I was her second shooter on Saturday. It was a really fun, challenging experience and I look forward to the other weddings we have booked this spring. Contractually I can't share any photos on my blog until the bride has seen them (about a month or so), but you can go to Staci's site and get a sneak peek of our day.
(just scroll down a bit- it's under Jeanelle and Bill)
Staci and I took shots of eachother while we were adjusting our settings when we first arrived at the bride's house. Staci is a pretty amazing photographer, even if she does shoot with a Canon! Ha!!
PS- I am trying to fiddle around with photoshop and try different textures etc...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Youtube Video

Well if you know me at all, you know that I am pretty into A.I. This week David Cook did a really cool version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. I thought I'd share it with you. Just pause the blog music on the sidebar and enjoy the video. I think this guy could win this season for sure. He's definitely got a great voice, perhaps even better than Chris Daughtry... what do you think?

American Idol- Great song from David Cook!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008


We hope you all had a very nice Easter! We had a great relaxing day with both sides of our family together. It was a special time with our families celebrating what Jesus has done for us!

All dressed up
What a silly boy! Although, I guess ties are kind of silly too~

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Poor Kira is never awake for these family pictures~ We might just tell her that this was before she was born- just kidding~!
Easter pails turned into easter hats!
Check out the bruise on Kenzie's cheek! Last week she and daddy were wrestling on the bed and she fell off and bonked her face on the nightstand-ouch!

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Opening our fun Easter presents from Gmom Laurie and Gpop Kenny
Sweet! New Batman jammies!
This isn't Christmas grandmom, it's Easter- but thank you so much for the nice presents for all of us!
For some reason the exposure wall all wrong on this picture, but I still thought it was cute.
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Oh how we love our new boots!! Thank you so much Mom-mom and Papa! These easter presents were a HUGE hit!

Kenzie got kitties...
Kaden got froggies...
He wore them all day!
Kira and great Gmom Bunney
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Easter kisses from daddy!

Kira loves when Daddy flies her around!
Ahhh!! Silly smiles with Mommy!
I love this little lady!
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I love Kenzie's face in this picture. She can be so silly and funny with Kira!
First she tried rolling eggs off her head... I stopped this fun activity...
Then she tried egg eyes... this was pretty funny!
kira turned and looked at me as if to say, "Mom, how long do I need to put up with this craziness?"
Notice how Kenzie is just about to put an egg on Kira's ears!
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What are we going to do with this one??
havin fun on easter!

Kira was LOVING the eggs!
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Kaden's kite actually flew easier than Kenzie's did, but Kaden really enjoyed just watching the kites. So here he is- just watching...

Please note that his boots are on the wrong feet and of course he has some kind of sticky stuff on his face! :)

Okay... now run!!
Oops... so easily distracted! :0
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