Thursday, August 25, 2011

GASP!! Is she blogging???

So here's the deal... I SHOULD NOT BE BLOGGING RIGHT NOW. Nope, we just had company over for dinner and the dishes are all soaking in the sink... the dishwasher is clean and needs to be emptied, the master bedroom is such a disaster that you would think a 14 year old girl lives here, I haven't unpacked from Newport or my work trip (closing in on a few weeks ago), all the kids school supplies need to be organized and put away, and I have a late assignment policy to write that will be going before the school board... so, with all that said, I don't want to let this blog go quite yet. I read back through some old posts recently and it made me SO THANKFUL that I had a written record of so many of the fun memories that our family has had. So, no... it won't be regular, and no it won't be awesome or even all that interesting, but by golly it will be something.

So here's introducing the most random post possible...

Kenz and I went to TWO Taylor Swift concerts this summer and they were fabulous. I'm totally convinced I loved it more than Kenzie. It was just so fun! T.S. is adorable and modest and humble, and so far a great role model for young girls.

cute isn't she?

haha there's no order to these pics...

I'm lovin' Kaden's blonde, surfer dude hair!
Cal woke us up super early in Newport, so we had many early mornings at the docs.

This girl spent her 4th bday at the beach!

The Cliffwalk with the "babies" was one of the highlights of our trip

Although it's sometimes tricky that these two are close in age, it's really fun too!

The whole crazy family in Newport, RI

We're loving the house and I plan to paint white stripes on this wall. I need to make this room have a lot more "my style" and not be so BLAH :) Oh, did ya know I know write a design blog?? lol... this life of mine is just crazy sometimes :)

Ooops totally out of order, but more concert pics...

Homemade shirts- I adore these 2 girls
Me and My girl excited for the show to begin!

Jen and Liv!

It's almost time!!!

Super cool panoramic of the Linc.

Okay, how's that for a random 1st post back?? I'm rusty, but glad to be back at it.

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