Friday, October 31, 2008


We love halloween! This year was no exception! This year was a little different though... Kenzie was not a CAT! She has been a cat for the last 4 years! This year she elected for a pumpkin and Grandmom Laurie made her the coolest costume! Thanks Grandmom!
As is our tradition, the grandparents came up early and we had some pizza (Vincent's yum!) for dinner. Then it was time to suit up and trick or treat.

Painting the pumpkin's face
Making some Mummy lines
We also had these fun little mommy hotdogs with dinner. They were super cute and really yummy!
And I just LOVE this picture of Kira before we got her dressed. She's looking and she's smiling! Success!
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Kaden wanted to be a Mummy this year and it was not the easiest costume ever... I started making it, well I did one leg and then I called in the big guns- Grandmom Laurie! She helped me finish, but she also agreed that it was a wee bit complicated. He loved it though, so it was worth the hassle :)
Miss Bee

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This was just about the only picture of Kira I managed to get. Last year we went with the Landis Family and I thought it was so funny that most of the pictures of Amara were from the back or of her walking... Well, Staci- I felt your pain this year! 15 month olds do not stop for anyone, let alone pictures!
Pumpkin with a baby pumpkin
Mr. Mummy all ready to go!

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Pumpkin and Mummy
Ok it's imposible to get a picture of all 3! We tried...
Madison, Carley, Kenzie, and Kaden
Maddy- too cute. She wanted to be a "Blue, Boy Monster!"
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Kaden and his pal Riley
Kenzie and Aiden

Trick or Treating at our own house! Daddy was waiting behind the door with the video camera!
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Kira was getting the hang of this... she would go to each house and use sign language for more and say "moa-moa." It was too cute!
Checking out our loot
Kenzie got lots of her favorites... Kit-Kats!
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Plan B...

So after we missed the trains, we had a plan B... Go to Merry Meade Farm for a hayride and corn maze. We had been wanting to go as a family all fall, but it hadn't worked out. We wished Kira was with us, but she was still at Grandmom's napping. We had a wonderful time together. Even though we would have loved to see the parade, we had a great day together!
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Fun in the corn maze

At least we still looked like Phillies fans!
Happy Halloween!
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I believe this cow was staring us down...
My guy
Whoa! Could these two look any tougher?
I am growing, but not quite the way I want to be... horizontally not veritcally!
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Kenzie was our photographer!
This little fella was the highlight of Kenzie's day... We saw this little barn kitten- too cute!
Kenzie tried to get it to come near, but it wasn't too fond of strangers.
A kiss for the scarecrow
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A snake gourd!

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