Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CRAZY Hair!!

2 weeks ago I had a little Salon going on at our house... My new hairdresser came over and did 2 colors and four other cuts! It was a marathon of cutting and style. Karen Spotts is really great and if you need a cut or color she's going to be back in a few weeks on a Monday afternoon. So sign-up now, she books quickly! Plus, it's fun to hang out, snack, chat, and have some girl time!

Jess and I getting some highlights... yes, we frighten small children!
Karen hard at work. I laughed at this picture because of the hairdresser stereotype, but no Karen is also a Realtor for Keller Williams and she had to check in on a client. :-) She's great!
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This Week's Edition of SUNDAY BEST

Once again I took a few shots of my little lady's Sunday Dress. This week it was courtesy of our neighbor Jen Abato. I love this little Ralph Lauren dress and its old fashion style. Great-Grandparents love it!

Blowing Raspberries
Poor girl with nappy hair... only for a little longer.
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Park with Paige

Some of my friends and I walk about once a week at a local park. Last week Karen and I met up a bit early to let the kids play before Jess and Campbell arrived.

They had lots of fun and the mommies enjoyed hanging out too!
Jumping on the bridge

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Kitten Photo Shoot

Dum-Dum... named by Papa and Kaden after a movie

This one was adopted by Uncle Aaron an is now named "Taco." I think it's super cute and funny that Our cat Beans has a baby names little Taco!
I think this one is Gum-gum... not sure though...
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Kitty Lover

Kenzie absolutely loves kittens.... Yesterday we gave away the first two kittens and it was REALLY hard on her. The first one was especially hard because it was her favorite, named "Cutie eyes." She was crying so hard and my heart was just breaking for her... I just know that feeling that something so special has been taken from you and I just wanted to make that pain go away for her. She eventually recovered (after crying herself to sleep for her nap). So, after naps we did a little photo shoot of the kittens so that we can put some picues in her room.

I love this one...

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During our little photo shoot, Kenzie began having the "toots"!!! She began to giggle and before you know it she had lost it! She tipped over and the kitty went along for the ride. She was laughing sooo hard!
I love this face!
The kitten was just chillin' while she laughed... it was sooo funny!

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Stahl's Visit

Our cousins came down for a visit and it was such a fun weekend! We only wish it didn't go by so quickly!

Lauren found a ladybug that was sooo dark it was almost black.
She had the perfect place to keep it...

If this picture doesn't capture adolescence, I don't know what does!
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S'mores Time

Jacqui and Jon- Thanks so much for making the trip down. The time spent is so special for us and for the kids! We love you and miss you already!
Mom-mom and Kira

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Isaac and Kenzie
Ben! Such a cutie!
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yucky Allergies

Poor Kaden is having the worst time with allergies... His eyes actually look good in this photo... They were sooo swollen all weekend. Today, at 11am he asked to take a nap! Poor fella!
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Del-Val "A Day"

This weekend we went to Del Val's "A Festival". They had lots of community activites, animals, food, music etc... We had a blast with our cousins and of course the kids suckered us into all the rides and activites that were not free! :-)

Sand art... Kaden's poor allergy swollen eyes...
Hard at work

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Tractor Fun!

Ben and Kaden were thrilled to sit on all the tractors and trucks at the Festival.

Jacqui and Ben
Hard at work... I love how short his little legs seem

John Deere guy...
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