Saturday, July 31, 2010

Park Pics

While on single mommy duty we went to a park to ride bikes, (push a double stroller) eat a picnic lunch, and play in the creek. In my packing, which btw requires a lot of work for these monsters, I failed to notice that Kira and Cal had semi nice (non creek-walking clothes) on. So we biked, walked, ate lunch, and then I took some pics. As I looked through my shots I was thrilled that I had overdressed my kids for the park! See, benefits to absent minded mothering! :)

and in color... I actually took a few mins to play around with editing tonight... it's been a while
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love every second of this picture... Cal's pure enjoyment... Kaden's serious face in the back (he prob pushed him too high)
Just love it!
My sweet little man - even if he is the king of fuss!
I just really liked this picture b/c Callen was attacking me while I was trying to take pics! This is more like real life than the few good pics I get
a personal fav even if it's off center
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My almost 3 year old! Can't believe it... I know everyone says that, but b/c of Callen coming on the scene it seemed like she went from 8 months to 3 years so fast!
ha! I just told her to lean on the tree...

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach Weekend

We had an awesome weekend at the beach with the Campiones! Mark and Connie were so nice to invite us to their beach house in Cape May. We had so much fun and the kids loved the beach! It's still a lot of work with two of the kids under 3, but we still had a blast. It was such a HOT weekend, so the beach was the perfect place to be! We can't wait for our family trip to OCNJ later in the summer!

Kira can play really well on her own... she was determined to make a nice princess castle!


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These two are going to be great friends
Oh little man, I love you!
She looks like a little model with her beach tousled hair
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Linds in the waves
Callen loved his first "big boy" beach experience!
And in typical Callen fashion he busted out the pout on occasion :)
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Daddy made Kenzie into a Mermaid!
She was having a hard time getting out
Kira thought she could help by stomping on her sister
these two were so cute together
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The gang headed out for some wave ridin'
Linds loved finding the most beautiful shells
Cape May is so pretty!
Shells from Kira Jane!
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One of Callen's favorite places is up in the air! I need to make a photo collage just of Eric putting our kids up in the air!
He's so happy!

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I HATE seagulls and my husband is determined to make all of our kids love them
We headed out bay side Saturday evening after ice cream and it was such a beautiful night!
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I just love that Callen is looking up at Kira.
Daddy and his babies

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