Monday, December 28, 2009

Annual Mangin Christmas Party

For the last 4 or 5 years we've hosted a Christmas party on the Friday before Christmas for a small group of close friends. It always proves to be a hysterical night and we look forward to it each year. Eric and I plan oodles of cheesy, fun games and provide our guests with awesome prizes! This year we had a "Best" Dressed contest and we were really impressed with some of the outfits! Thanks everyone for coming and for being great friends!

Eric and Me
Outfits courtesy of Salvation Army and my neighbor Linda (she goes to all kinds of wacky dress up events with her Twins Club!)
Eric was a major creepo in his pink shirt and children's face vest.
I did have a huge Faux fir coat, but it got a little warm!
Eric and Lindsey
Schmit brought home gold with his man-skirt and accent leg lamp tie and Linds and the Twinks were really cute in the festive xmas sweater and plaid pants.
I just had to post this picture because Eric was being silly and going in for a kiss and Lindsey moved away and braced herself for impact! LOL Sorry guys, it was too good not to blog!
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Jess and Kev
Jess had to defend her outfit because people didn't think that it was "bad" enough. So she was trying to prove herself in this pic!
Cute matching Christmas socks!
I wish you could see Kev's sneakers b/c they were great!
Jay and Jen
They did a pj's approach. Jen's sweater was huge, but she washed and dried it and it became tiny!
Missy and Jay
They had the most Kid-friendly, Disney sponsored outfits! I loved Jay's shades!
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Jen and David
Elf and homemade Christmas pants complete with a snoopy xmas tee!
Dan and Steph
Christian couple circa 1990!
Valor shirt, senior citizen pants, Reindeer dress- complete with pockets, and matching turtleneck.
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The winners of the "Best" Dressed award
Eric and Jen B.
Dan and Eric... E had taken his creepy vest off already
Schmidt's prize...
We had a group reading of the Chuck Norris poster. I am embarrassed to say that I think they're hysterical!
Jen and Jay
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Jay's choice from the grab!
Aww sweet Steph in her pretty little dress
Missy- love the xmas tree vest!
Schmidt looking Oh so creepy with his new shirt from the grab :)
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LCR... with a twist! Oh we had some good laughs with this one. My favorite part of this picture is that it looks like it's only Jess and the boys playing!
I just love Steph's face in this picture. It's completely indicative of their relationship when it comes to Dan the funny man! We love you guys!
David was the LCR winner and we made him pose and it absolutely cracks me up!
Seriouly Schmidt... don't eat the cups!
Once again the party was a blast and we're once again reminded how blessed we are with such wonderful friends!
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas eve day and night! We spent the day home with the family just playing together and being excited for the festivities to come. We went to church at 4:00 and it was a really nice service with Awesome music! After church we just came home and had some really fun family time watching a christmas movie and completing our Santa Prep. We baked and put out cookies and then scattered oats and carrots out front. It was really nice! After the kids were in bed the Schmidts came over and we had Lindsey's yummy fetuccini alfredo and exchanged gifts. It was a nice end to a great day!
Before church we took some pics of the kids and I'm really excited that we got some good ones. It was early enough that I could use natural light and that always makes me happy :)

The tree after santa came
This sign was a gift for me from my parents last year, but we thought Kenzie could use it this year! lol
Yummy cookies for Santa
My beautiful girl is really growing up. I couldn't believe as I got her dresses and then curled her hair, just how old she seemed. Rather than have a pity party about it I'm trying to just really enjoy every stage and remember that every stage seems to fly by, so I'm just hanging on for the ride and loving her through it all!
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Ok this is more like the Kenzie I know...
These two are not the easiest to get pics of together! Kenzie made a peace sign or pinched Kaden in about 15 shots! :)
3 out of 4... Cal was still sleeping before church
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Ok so there are a LOT of pics of Kira, but I'm sorry, I couldn't get enough of her in the "Santa Kira" dress

I couldn't love this little girl any more than I do!
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Love this one
Oh and this one

and the Kira Smile
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