Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time to Get Working!!

Well tomorrow I officially begin my journey as "Mrs. Mangin...Cyber Teacher." I don't actually have students yet, but I have my first virtual conference with the entire faculty at 8am. I had an HR New Teacher Orientation on Wed. and it got me really excited to get started. So, no longer will my days be spent poolside... well actually, once I get Eric's parents' wireless network up and running I can resume my poolside position, but until then I actually need to stay home and work- yikes!

I'll keep you all posted and I know many of my family and friends have been praying and I appreciate it!

Monday, July 28, 2008

An Experiment: Some Funny Family & Friends Pics...

Bry and Kel
What did you say?

Do you think they look a little surprized about something?
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Poor Mom, no notice at all... "Eric, why are you taking pictures of me doing laundry?"
Again, WHAT?
Oh my goodness!
Stop! I must process!!
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"Bud, what did he say? It didn't sound like 'cheese'"

Kira is looking at her thinking... "I know how you feel"
Smiles all around
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A personal favorite... Christy and Derrick... "Cheese"
Ha! Funny joke sis...
Wait, you're not laughing
Holy cow, she's serious!
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Jacqui and Jon... Cute couple- Now say "cheese"
Are you kidding me?
And Jacqui is gone... actually dropped to the floor! Was it something I said? :-)
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Smile Dad...
Now that doesn't look like a smile!! :-) HeHe
Aunti DiDi... needing some clarification from Mom
Holy Cow!
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Cami is thrilled
Oh yes, and we can't forget these 3... We're about to rock your world- "say Cheese!"... huh?
Kenzie is processing this a little faster than the other 2...
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Ben's face absolutely kills me! Dan and Karen aren't quite sure they heard correctly
Now a quick glance over to me to confirm...
Waiting for confirmation
Karen's laughter and Dan... well you can see his brown and blue shorts behind Karen... he's actually on the ground laughing- Must have been some funny Joke!
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Uncle Kev...
I think all Jess did all day was laugh. I believe Kevin is saying..."WHAT???"
Smiles all around
smile and shock
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Becca, Jess and some of the kiddos (Kira, A.J.,Campbell, and Jules)
Who told a funny joke?
It must be a funny one!
Even Jules is a bit surprized!
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The Grand Finale has an Encore!

Well if you couldn't guess from the photos above... We have recently announced that Little Mangin #4 will be arriving this winter. The only response photos we're missing were ours, but I'm not so sure they would be fitting for the blog. :-) Needless to say we were shocked beyond all measure... I have given away all maternity clothes. All infant stuff. Anything even remotely associated with babies. We thought we had firmly closed that chapter, but apparently God had one more funny little joke up his sleeve. While we are still processing this (well mainly me- Eric's really excited) we really know and believe that this little one will fit wonderfully and just make our family that much more complete. So surprise and here are some details...

What?- Baby # 4

When?- Due date of Feb 22, which most likely means early Feb. for us.

How many?- Only 1. Thank heavens!

Status so far?- Sick, sick sick... can't wait for weeks 16-20ish. Currently we're at 11.

Total # of Mangins?- 6! Yikes!

Adirondacks 2008- Home Alive and Well!

They guys are home and had another great trip! The weather was really nice and they were able to do lots of hiking and jumping. Once again, I think all the wives are glad to have our husbands back safely and in one piece. (The ladies had some fun of our own... Pedicures and dinner on Friday night! Who needs mountains!)

Kev and Dan bright eyed for only 3 hours sleep the 1st night... they left late and got to NY at about 3am!
Wonderful breakfast over the fire... Eggs, sausage, bread. Not too shabby
Tim seemed to enjoy it!
Cool shot
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