Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Steph!

A bunch of us kidnapped Steph on Tuesday night and took her out for dessert to celebrate the big 28! Thanks Dan for keeping such a good secret! Grrr...

Jess, Steph, and Jenn
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Lori and Joy (who are both expecting as well!!)
I actually cropped myself out of this picture-hehe I am just over the prego pics!
Steph loves presents!!
Joy got Steph this awesome scented neck warmer. A bunch of us got pedicures a few weeks ago and Steph was a big fan of the neck warmers at the spa- so this was a great present!
Ok, so we had some laughs while Steph tried to figure out the "cool" way to wear the awesome scarf from Jenn!
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Birthday with the Fam.

We had dinner as family on Tuesday night to celebrate my birthday. It was a week early, but a great time with the fam! Thanks everyone!

terrible prego picture, but mom looks good!
Kaden was still sick, but we just let him veg. on the couch... here they are being dramatic :)
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I could not have been happier with this gift!! I asked for wrapping paper and boy did I get some AWESOME papers and ribbons!!
I have kind of a wrapping paper fetish! :) Thanks Mom and Dad Mangin!
Oh boy!
Seriously, who's child is this?? She's very into making gooft faces right now! Ahh the blackmail some day!
What a pretty cake!
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The Ice Pond

Our kids LOVE the ice rink in Qtown. This year has been freezing, so we could have been there a lot, but with so many sick kids we haven't gotten there too often. Last Sunday we bundled everyone up and had a blast! Papa Ricky joined us too and he brought his new skates. Papa use to play hockey for Boston College and he hasn't skated in many years, but he was back into it within minutes! :)

Our family just uses sneakers, but I think we're going to try and get the kids some skates soon!
Kira loved to have Daddy slide her all around the ice on her bottom :)

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Our little hockey player!
Daddy's girl
Papa gettin ready to bush up on his skillz :)
I couldn't go out on the ice... for some reason everyone was worried about me slipping and falling, but I promised I wouldn't drop the camera! HA! I guess they were thinking about the being pregnant thing :)
It was a little hard to get any good pics b/c I was just standing on the side pretty far away.
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Hockey with PAPA!
Playin like a pro!
Love these guys
And at the end, Kira and I ended up in the car to get warm :)
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Build-a-Bear with G & G

Last Friday we went to Build-a-Bear with G & G Mangin. They got the kids a gift certificate there for xmas so this was their big night out! We had a blast making a puppy and a panda bear. Eric and I were really impressed with the whole process and the lady helping the kids was great! It was a great time together- thanks G & G!!

Kaden and his puppy pre-stuffing
Kenzie and Panda (eventualy named Giselle) pre-stuffing!

Pushing the pedal to fluff it full!
Kira just kind of roamed and distroyed the place! She is always on the move!!
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Air Bath!

Getting them nice and fluffy!

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Kaden really enjoyed giving his dog the air bath
officially named "Basketball Dog"
Kira and Gmangin playing with the air bath
The last step was to put 'em online. Just one more animal to play with online. Actually the kids really love the site! :)
Thanks so much G and G Mangin! It was a blast
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