Monday, February 23, 2009


People say our kids look alike... what do you think??
I want to try and take this picture intentionally to get the distance and lighting the same so I can really determine how similar they look. I'll try to get around to it this week. This one was just coincidence. :)

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Some old ones of Kira... she was older in these pics. We just need a few weeks for Cal to be a little more awake and then we can get some good open eyes pics...
KJ had a lot of dark hair too!


Last night was not only a big night in Hollywood... it was a pretty big night on Oak Tree Drive too! It was the 1st Annual Oscar Party!! We had fun, fancy food, amazing gowns, paparazzi, and the awards show (next year there will be a red carpet- I promise girls!)
I had a group of friends over for the pre-show and the Oscars (which didn't end until 12:15am by the way!) We all had a blast and had fun wearing our silly dresses. We all wore either a prom or bridesmaid dress and we were all smokin' hot! lol!!
Thanks girls- it was super fun and I can't wait until next year!

The E! Red Carpet Coverage...

Kenzie got to get ready with the girls and hang with us until bedtime. She really liked being a "big girl!"
E's cousin Kelsey is up from South Carolina and I was so glad she could make it!
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Jenn needed some baby-time. She was watching Callen more than the Red Carpet for a little while :)
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Daddy and Eric got in on the modeling action! Work it Daddy!
I love these boys!
Seriously, I don't know ANYONE ELSE that can do such a weird cross-eyes. It's Kenzie's signature look right now. Oh my, she will sooo regret these some day!
Jess and Cal spending some QT while watching. He was the only boy allolwed at our party :)
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Due Date and 2 Weeks Old!

Today, February 22nd was Callen's due date! It also marks his 2 week birthday (well technically not until tonight, but that's getting nit-picky.) We're so happy with how smoothly the transition has gone with adding the little man to the fam. Last night Eric and I were out on a date night (yup, we had sitters for all 4 kids) and I pointed out a family of 6 and said that's what we'll be like some day and E started laughing b/c he said when we walked in he looked at that table and assumed it was a party or something!

Cal must have wanted to commemorate his 2 week birthday b/c when I went to change his diaper this morning this was what I saw... no nasty belly button stub! It must have fallen off at night, although I can't seem to find it anywhere and that's kind of got me grossed out! I'll keep looking! The poor boy, I think he has an outie, and I'm kind of a bigger fan of innies (sorry to all you outie people) so we'll see if it changes at all, but it's looking like an outie to me. It's okay Cal- I'll still love you just as much- you just might have to wear a tee shirt in the pool! lol!!
I took this picture this morning right after the belly button shots and I love that his brow is furrowed and he seems to be like, "Come on Mom- really my belly on the blog?"
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Scratch That...

Okay, since my last post Callen has still been really good and sleeping a lot, but he's shown me some fussin' too. So, I am changing my last post- just in case he was thinking that he could get away with bad behavior :)

So Callen, you're not perfect, you're human and I love you so much! Now stop fussing and go back to sleep! :) hehe

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Really Wonderful, Nearly-Perfect Son

This is all my son does all day. I love it! I'll get plenty of awake time over the next 20 years, so sleeping is just perfect for now! :) Keep up
the good work little man!
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Sleepy Baby

Cal was out cold the other day so I plopped him on the bean bag chair and snapped a few pics. He's cute, but I wasn't overly thrilled with the pics. The frustrations of a novice photog. :) Not long after I started shooting, Kenz and Kade came in from outside and they wanted to get in a few pics too.
I do love this picture! 3 out of my 4
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daddy time

Eric has been home this whole week and it has been so nice having him here! He's sooo helpful and has been keeping the older 3 under control and entertained while I had to take care of Cal. He also has been letting me sleep in, in the morning which has been super helpful (I still have only managed to sleep in until 8am, but for me that's late.) He's also been able to have some great time bonding with Callen- for now he's a mama's boy, but soon enough Daddy will be tossing him in the air and winning him over. :)

I Love these two!

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Bry and Kel

Bry and Kel drove in this weekend to meet Callen. It's such a long drive and they're always so willing to make the drive, just to be with the fam. Callen loved meeting his Uncle and Aunt and we had a lot of fun, hanging out and playing wii with them. Thanks so much guys for coming in- it meant so much to us! Love you!

Uncle Bry and Callen
Little man... a wee bit cross-eyed there... we're working on the whole eye control thing :)
Aunt Kel
She looks like a natural :)
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Raisin Soup...

Winter Stinks (have I said that before) and sometimes we have to be creative to keep this little monster occupied. So last week we made "raisin soup" during snack time... It's a complicated recipe- Bowl, Spoon, raisins. Mix and Enjoy :)
Getting ready to sample her culinary creation

Love this rascally face!
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Random... tiny baby on the floor

I plopped Cal down on the floor and was laughing at how small he seemed on the living room carpet.
So, some random baby on the floor pics :)

We do usually use a blanket on the floor :)
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