Thursday, August 30, 2007


Finally I had a bit of time to post some of our hospital pics from Kira's birth and week in GVH. You need to scroll down and start at the bottom and work your way up. Thanks again for all your prayers and support. Kira is over 2 weeks old now and is doing great! This picture was taken a day ago. So enjoy the pics- lots more to come, but right now I need some sleep!

Kira at 2 weeks!
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We're Home!

Kenzie was so glad to have her sister home.
Kira's first day home!
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Kira's going home outfit (Thanks to Steph Emr)

Sleep girl ready to go home!
Louie was so wonderful to us and she genuinely cared for Kira. We were so blessed by her and her staff
Kira's NICU nurse "Louie" giving her a kiss goodbye... we're finally going home.
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Kenzie was thrilled that her sister would be home soon!
I was so glad to hold my baby without so many cords and people around

After one long week, Kira was finally allowed out of the NICU and able to come into my room again.
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Fortunately she only needed about 24 hours of UV therapy

Next came Jaundice... UV lights... Kira's first tanning session
Bear got a turn too!
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Look Mommy and Daddy- No more Oxygen!
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Awake moments were few and far between during her first two weeks
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Kenzie and Kaden made beautiful pictures that we hung in the NICU for Kira

Feeding her was not the easiest with all her tubs and with how sleepy she was.
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Wrinkly little toes

With so many hours in the NICU over the course of a week, we had lots of time to take pictures!
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We were finally able to hold her in the NICU. She was still all hooked up to machines, but at least we could hold her again
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Her tiny toes had a pulse-ox sensor and her other leg had her IV

Her little face during her Pneumogram test
Just some of the equipment and monitors during her testing to determine why she wasn't breathing correctly
The monitor we spent hours and days watching.
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