Monday, August 30, 2010


First day of kindergarten
First day of 3rd grade
First day at a new school
First time eating lunch at school
First time I only had two kids at home

So it was a day of firsts and a great one! Thanks so much to everyone that has been praying that Kenzie would have a smooth transition... she LOVED school! She made two friends and was thrilled that she has a bathroom in her classroom and that she's the dolphin of the week (or something like that) this Thursday. Kaden got home from school and said it was a "perfect" day. He loved eating lunch there, playing with his friend Jackson at recess, and learning about the rules and how to earn prizes!
I couldn't have been any happier to hear how well both of their days went. Even though I'm back to work, and have sitters in the AM for the kids, it was nice to just have the little ones here and to feel like they got a lot of attention too!
Enjoy the pics- we did a mini shoot 5 mins before we left for school
Personal Fav
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A little nervous before school, but not too bad
I can't believe I have a third grader! She's as sassy as they come, but she's strong and brave and I love her to pieces!

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Seriously I adore her little style
She picked out these sassy glasses on a mommy and me shopping trip last week
My baby boy headed to full day kindergarten and he was so ready!
He still has a little shy side, but it was nowhere to be found today. He was as brave as they come!
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So handsome and sportin' the cool retro 76ers tee
All packed and ready to go

Unfortunately we only took one pic of us and the kiddos... and even more unfortunate is that my kids act completely blind if there is even a hint of sun in their eyes! Oh well :)
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Progress on our house- WHAT?

Yes, believe it or not, we're actually seeing progress on our house. It's SLOW but moving. We took a family tour on Friday night and I brought the camera along for the fun!

Sandmound is complete and graded. I can't wait to see this covered in grass and surrounded by flowers!

hanging out on the dirt that was delivered this week
HVAC is almost done and rough electric is complete. Lots of inspections this week and then we can insullate, fireproof, and drywall!!
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Love little kids and windows

Master shower- check
Some kind of duct work- check
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looking through the kitchen, into the dining room, into the kids playroom (the one with the fplace)
we paid a decent chunk of change to have 20 tri-axle's of dirt brought in to extend the back yard... It does not seem that that quantity and the price make much sense! :)
Me and Cal- enjoying seeing some progress on our house!
(and KJ peeking in at the bottom)
Me and my 2 babies!
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Sunday, August 22, 2010


She starts a new school a week from tomorrow... Going from 300 kids K-12 to 460 Kids K-5. She doesn't want to go, we think it's for the best. I HATE doing this to her and I wish I could be the "new kid" for her on Monday and not put her through it. I was the new kid twice and the second time was really hard on me. I know she's not a junior in high school, but I just completely know how she's going to feel the first day and how she's going to feel towards me. We had a sleepover this weekend with her best friends from her old school and she has just been so blessed to have such wonderful friends with awesome families. We know they will remain close, but they won't be calling to pick out matching outfits and talking about homework or spelling words.
So the countdown is on, and if you think of it please pray for Kenz (and for me- bc I am having a tough time with it too :) ) that her first day goes well, that she meets some really nice girls that she can be friends with, and that she knows we love her and that's why we're moving her.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

{Minute to Win it}

Tonight we had a blast with our friends! We all got together to celebrate Eric's bday and I love to make some of our game-hating friends play fun, silly games! So we played all minute to win it games from the TV show. It was hysterical and even the haters had a good time!
The offical score board... We played about 5 out of 8 challenges due to the million kids that we had with us, so we will be busting out a few of them at the annual xmas party in Dec. We have the best friends and we have so much fun together!

Happy birthday Eric
Kira was doing a great job holding hmm... from this picture I can't tell if it's Jordan or Landon... I'm pretty sure it's Landon. :)
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Jess and Charlie boy
Karen and Paigy
First Challenge-Penny Hose: Using your hands individually you need to retrieve two coins from the end of the pantyhose. You can't use one hand to help the other. It was tougher than it sounds!

Get your game faces on guys!
Go go go!
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David, aka Mr. I hate games, seems to be enjoying himself doesn't he??

Jess was calm and steady...
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Second Round... Yes, We're all dorks!
Noble was in it to win it- too bad he came in last place!
Round three... and little Kayla! Goodness love, you're such a DORK
So basically Jen just laughted her way through the night
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