Saturday, July 28, 2007

Middletown Beach

We were able to stay at our cousins' beach house over the weekend and had an amazing day at the beach. Kenzie and Kaden had so much fun playing with their cousins.

The beach was gorgeous! Kaden loved that there was a boarding school that looked like a castle on the rocky coast.
Daddy turned Isaac into a merman!
Kaden's turn as a merman!
Kaden and Mommy were getting ready to jump some waves.
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This was Kenzie's first time going boogie boarding. Her cousins all had boogie boards that were kid sized. At first she was a little tenative, but after a while she was loving it!! She seemed all grown up just riding the waves like a big shot. She is now so excited for our trip to the beach next week because we told her we'd get a boogie board too!

Little surfer girl, with a surfer girl tan!

No fear!
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Shauna and Ben's Wedding

My friend Shauna got married two weeks ago in MA and we made the trip up for the wedding. It was a really nice time and it was fun to be with Mom, Dad, and Dj too.

They invited kids too, so be were daring and brought Kenz and Kaden. It was great at the reception, they had a whole kids' table full of activities etc... Kenzie's favorite was this pair of flashing glasses... well her real favorite was the chocolate fountain- I think she went up about 30 times!!
Mom-mom and Papa- Dad, see you can smile, it just takes a little coaxing!! :)

Kenzie at her 1st wedding, except she was in Uncle Bry-Brys
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The Hughes Family :)

And Kenzie too!
Kenzie and Daddy. They both looked so nice for the wedding. Kenzie was really, really well behaved for her first wedding.
Dj and me at the reception. What cute kids we are!!
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Sellersville Fireworks

Sellersville has their annual fireworks the week after the 4th of July. This year we thought they were really great! the kids loved them! Especially Kaden.

The Army guard (or something) had some Hummers that the kids could sit on and play on. The kids thought they were really cool!

Kenzie and her friend/neighbor Carley. Patiently waiting for the fireworks!
Daddy took this pic without the flash so that you could see Kaden's cool glow ball. Daddy bought glow stuff at the dollar store the week before. Next year I think we'll go into business, because we paid 1.00 and they were charging like 4.00!!
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Grandmom Laurie's favorite flowers are dasies. So, she asked us to take some pictures of the kids with dasies for her newly painted daisy bathroom. Sounds simple, but for some reason these photo shoots were not the greatest. Fortunately after two separate attempts, we got some decent ones and Gmom was thrilled. So here are a few of our attempts (we took about 150 total!! )

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I actually think this one is pretty cute. Gmom did too, because she framed it on her wall!!

"MoM!!! It's too sunny... I can't see!!" That was all I heard... this photo shoot never got of the ground :)
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Kaden is such a boy. Seriously, he makes me laugh so much!

An attempt at picking, but a little off the mark...
Still not quite there...
Ah-ha! Two fingers are better than one right??
Such a crazy man!
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The kids love spending time at the pool and swimming with Grandmom Laurie. Like me, Grandmom only gets in if the water is at least 82 degrees. Fortunately we have a heater for the pool! :) Thanks Grandpop!

Could these children possibly look any more GOOFY???
Kaden does have a cool pair of speedo goggles, but on this day he felt the oversized ones just suited him perfectly!!
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Cannon Balls!!

Kenzie has become quite the swimmer and a favorite jump is her cannon ball!!

Grandmom Laurie can do one too!!
And this is Kaden's attempt at a cannon ball. Actualyl everytime he jumps in, no matter the style it's a "cannon ball"!!
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