Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sledding Fun

These two kiddos played outside for hours and hours this week! It was so fun to see them have such a blast!


I used my Nikon lens on these and man I need to get rid of my Tamron and get a new Nikon lens... it focused so much better and was so much sharper... I only wish I hadn't spent a bundle on the Tamron... Ugh!
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First Snow on Fox Hill Road

We loved getting snow this week! The kids were excited to explore outside and find the best places for sledding.
We only had 2 kids on Monday, so we took a few pics and headed out for a fun night together.

Our little place called home...
and yes, we know it's a little stark without landscaping and porch accents... stay tuned this spring!
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Oh Kira!

KJ had a little accident this week... Eric was painting the kids bathroom and he ran into the other room to get a Spackle knife. He closed the door, but Miss Kira wanted to see the paint... somehow the completely full paint can was knocked off the vanity, bounced off the toilet, and completely emptied on the floor. It took me about 3 hours to clean it all up, but we saved the floor, painted the walls, threw away the shower curtain, and repainted the ceiling and floor trim. You'd never know we had this catastrophe. :) I might have gotten my first grey hair, but as you know... grey is my fav :)

All over Kenzie's new hellicopter... no idea why that was in the bathroom...
I finally just had Eric grab a roller and roll the walls right from the floor...
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We had paint stalactites on the ceiling...
Paint all over the shower wall

This was after about an hour...
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