Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sorry for the major Shutterfly plug in the previous post... They're giving away 50 free cards if you plug them on your blog :)

Couldn't resist a gret deal...

Not your Grandma's Christmas Cards...

So, no need to use complicated Photoshop downloads from ETSY this year... Shutterfly has some adorable Christmas cards that are so not your Grandma's Christmas cards! I've been looking though all the style and designs and there are so many great ones!

I'm not going to reveal which ones we're going to use... you'll have to wait and see, but here are some ones I love!

Of course I loove the geometric patter and the cool color! I'm all about the Monogram, so this one is just adorable!

A little more classic, but so cute

I really like how this one would let me use a large variety of pictures!
Check out Shutterfly- they're having great deals!
They Have non photo styles:
And for non Christmas holidays there are additional styles: to

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Her Favorite Song...

The first song on the playlist is her favorite right now... We sing, "Kira and Mommy are stuck like glue." Cal even gets in on it and says, "Uh oh, Uh oh" ...It's fun to have playtime with these little ones during the day!
Just a few random KJ pics...
I love her eyes and that you can see her necklace...
Oh Girl, we're in for it with you...
Color is all weird, but cute nonetheless
Happy little girl... I'm glad that we're stuck like glue!
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My First Baby

She tried to wear make-up tonight... I went into my bathroom to find her with eyeliner in hand and eyeshadow already on. I must admit, she did an excellent job- prob. better than I could do! She has a friend at school that she desperately wants to be friends with. She's a "cool girl" and doesn't play with Kenzie every day, but it's becoming more often. This friend wears mascara every day (or so I was informed) and Kenzie is "not a baby and is old enough to choose..." I told her that she's beautiful without make up and it's okay for halloween or playing dress up, but she won't be wearing it for many years. I was then informed that I can't tell her what to do, which of course went over great with me :) Actually, I was pretty calm, cool, and collected about it... We talked a lot about her not needing to change to get to be someone's friend... I'm completely confident that she was ignoring every word I said... yeah, we're kind of similar. :) So I just saw these pictures of my beautiful girl without make-up and thought I'd post them.
Could it be that very soon I will officially have a tween?

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Just A Peek at Some Progress...

I know I haven't posted house pictures, and I know some of you are waiting... Here's why... nothing is done and ready, so you just have to hang tight. I FINALLY feel like I have a mental plan of how I want to do the main areas on the first floor and I did some serious shopping this weekend and think we'll be making progress soon!
Here's a peek at a message center I'm working on (by that I mean, I'm planning out and Eric's doing all the work- he's awesome!) I have a dry erase calendar for Kenzie and one for Kade and Kira to share (I need to keep all the school stuff straight) and I wanted to hang them in the entryway from the garage... I looked and looked for a cool message area with a frame, but they were all too small... So, we're making one on our own and I'm excited about it...
We picked up moulding and cut it to size... I wanted it to be 4ft by about 2 1/2 feet.
Yes, Eric is working on one of my many projects at 11:05pm... I appreciate him so much!
nice handywork!

Since taking these pictures about 20 mins ago (with my phone btw... sorry for the quality) we painted the moulding black. I'm going to put thin cork inside and then a fabulous fabric to cover the cork. The cork will make it so that the wall doesn't get destroyed when we stick things up. I'll keep you updated as I finish this project... hopefully tomorrow after church :)

We also bought a new end table and a console table. This lamp needs a better shade (it's too yellowish) but I love the end table. Did I ever mention I LOVE small kid's furniture?? Cal loves his recliner :)
This is the stencil I ordered for the foyer... It's going to be charcoal and white... I'm pretty excited about the foyer... Weird I know, but since I have it all planned out in my head it's what I'm excited to be working on!

Lastly, I ordered this wall pattern for the breakfast room. I ordered it in dark brown and dark grey... the walls are a silvery/greyish light blue. I'm excited to get them in the mail! I ordered them from uppercase living and I love some of the stuff in their new catalog

That's all for now! I have oodles of projects up my sleeve and I'll try to keep posting little peeks! :)