Friday, July 31, 2009

Ugh...Obsession Stinks!

So Eric's away from Thursday-Sunday night. I sooo wanted to watch Twilight tonight but it's $4.99 On-Demand on Comcast- A total RIP-OFF! So since I was being too budget savvy to buy it, I just watched the free trailer. I'm exhausted from being a single mommy of four and from waking up at 4:55am this morning for Bootcamp and now I'm sitting here bummed that I don't just own the darn movie.
Oh well, it's almost 10pm, more than 17 hours since I woke up- so I guess I can justify going to bed early.

-One sidenote... almost every single friend of mine is away this weekend. I counted and over 10 of my closest girls are away or at weddings etc. This is the "guys weekend" and usually the girls all hangout... but NOPE I'm stuck home with a bunch of kids and no friends :( Poor Me.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

HSM 3 = Straight Cheese

Just caught the last hour or so of HMS 3 on TV and I can't get over it. First of all I can't believe how really high school the plot is considering how many totally non-hs kids watch and Secondly and most grievous... the Voice Overs! All the songs were totally voiced over from studio recordings, but they were not in perfect sync with the actors. It was terrible!
I know I am stepping on some major toes here, but I was just shocked at the crappy quality! Any thoughts?


I just liked this first picture.

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Not to be outdone...

Not to be outdone by his sister (see below) Kade struck a pose as well.

I just love the serious intensity on his face.
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So suddenly Kenzie busts out these poses.... No idea where they came from, but it gave me a good laugh when I looked back over them.
Ok, this one I do love. This is a little more my style than the monster pipes! :)

So beautiful
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Adirondacks Weekend

Tonight Eric leaves for his annual trip to the Adirondacks. I always pray a lot and make sure that our life insurance policy is all set during this trip. It's one of his favorite weekends of the year and he's really hoping that this trip will be even better than ever. If you think of it you can pray for a great trip. :)
Pics to follow next week

Callen and the Lobster

Took some silly pics of Cal during our Lobster bake in New England.

Love this grin

He liked touching it's face
*I must also point out Cal's shirt... he's a drool monster! Teeth aren't too far off and man he's a droolin' machine.
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Can't get enough of those cheeks!
Love these two!
Found his fingers and likes them!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Love Freeze Pops!

Kaden and his cousin Paige had fun with their colored tongues!

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Downtown Newport

Last night we walked around Newport for a while. It is SUCH a nice area and I loved it. Living in PA I forget just how beautiful New England is!

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Caps for Sale...

While waiting to go sailing I had lots of fun at this little shop playing dress-up with Didi.
She's definitely the coolest 60 year old I know!
Ok this one kills me! If you know Di, nothing could be more Anti-Di than a pink hair bow. I love how it looks with her blonde spikey hair!

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Sailing to Sixty

This weekend we're celebrating Aunti Di's 60th birthday with a land, sea, and sky theme. Last night we enjoyed a private chartered sailboat out of Newport. It was sooo awesome and I forgot how much I enjoy boating. We were supposed to see the beautiful sunset, but about 30 mins into the sail, a fog rolled in- just what you'd expect in New England. So we didn't see a beautiful sunset, but we still had an amazing time. Di's other acitivites are a helicoptor ride over Newport and a Lobster Bake.

Aunti Didi and "Nutmeg"
Our boat... The Sightsailor
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