Friday, June 25, 2010

The Countdown is On!

The Eclipse Soundtrack Twitter posted this countdown widget to the Eclipse .

Pre-order the soundtrack at Amazon.

Thanks Lindsay!

More Twilight Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Movie news at Twilight Guide.

Fun at Camp Black!

We've been here for almost a week now and we're getting all settled into "Camp Black." We spent yesterday just relaxing at the house and it was nice to just have some downtime.
Popsicles, sandbox, a wagon, and chalk made for lots of fun!
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Very serious about his pop
Hey, thanks mom!
Sqinty Smile!!
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Giving each other a kiss... love it!
An open eye smile... She always squints when she smiles, so I told her to keep them open! Hehe!
Having fun with some chalk at Camp Black
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"Fancy Kira" Goes to Sleep

We've recently fallen in love with Fancy Nancy books and last night Kira wanted to be "Fancy Kira" at bedtime...
Boo mom! It's just me!
Fancy Kira with her nuk... ok yes, she still sleeps with one... it's terrible, but we're not taking it away until we move into our own house. :)
Ni-night Fancy Kira! I love you!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moving On...

Saturday we officially moved out of 1313 Oak Tree Drive. We will miss (and already do) all of our neighbors and friends. We told them not to be concerned if they still see lots of "Little Mangins" running around the neighborhood... we're going to be visiting a lot!

We have to thank everyone that helped on Saturday! We couldn't have done it without everyone's help!
Mark Campione get's the award for the most punctual mover (thanks for coming at 7:30am!)
David get's the "I hate the camera" award.
Dad Hughes get's the "I never knew a person could sweat that much" award.
Mom and Mom get the workhorse awards (they were offended that I told them to just leave the heavy ones for the younger guys!)
Emrs get the intuition awards for their awesome planning, use of trucks and many deliveries to the many locations we had to drop off at.
Dad Mangin get's the "I didn't sign up for all this" award... j/k Thanks again for letting us use your trucks Dad!!
Jess get's the "wow, 3 kids wipe me out" award for watching our younger two kids all day- thanks SO much!

Eric, thanks for being the best ever! You work harder (and faster) than anyone I've ever met and you do it all for our family. We love you and appreciate you!

So please, pray for us as we're in temporary housing. The Blacks are generously housing us for 1/2 and the Mangins for the other 1/2. So far it's going well, but Kira's sleeping in our room and has been getting up before 6am! We bought blackout curtains tonight, so we're hoping that helps! :)
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Hmm looks like everyone is just standing around, but they really worked so hard!
This is the response I got when I asked the guys to pause for a picture!!!
and after some whining Eric gave me this cheeseball pose... thanks a million, nerd!
And this is David hiding behind the mattress right as I started to snap away... Grrr.... He's kind of my camera nemesis!
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The big item of the day... the piano- Success!!
Dumb boys... and I LOVE Dave on the right... showing his brute strength
Thanks Emrs for helping!!
Linds is still on lifting restriction b/c it had only been 4 weeks since having the twins, (yes, this tiny woman had twins 4 weeks ago... she looks amazing, and many women hate her for it! hehe) but she lent a hand with cleaning. We thought she looked like catwoman on the counter like this!
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These two had a lot of fun bouncing in our empty bedroom! I am so thankful for such great friends for my children!

Jump Jump!

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Last Tuesday Night Dinner

Last week even in the midst of packing and a disaster of a house, we had our final Tuesday night dinner at Oak Tree Drive. We love these dinners and we love the people that come and are such a big part of our life!
Jess and Cal ( he just doesn't get the smile thing yet)
Jess is looking awesome for being only a month away from baby # 2's arrival!
Jen had such a fun idea... homemade coldstone icecreams for dessert. We all brought toppings and man did we have a TON!
Look at all the toppings! It was super fun!
thanks Jen and if you ever need a side job, I think Coldstone would hire you in a second! :)
We can't wait for the Tuesday Night Dinners to resume at Fox Hill Road!
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Last Day of School!

Kenzie and Livvy
Partners for the beach ball relay race!

These two have so much fun together!
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2nd Grade Girls!
Wait, after school they're 3rd graders! WOW!!
A few more 2nd grade girls joined in for this one!

We love the wonderful friends Kenzie has from QCS
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Middle Two

These two spend a lot of time together while Kenzie is at school... they make me laugh!
I love that Kira had to have her arm around his neck
And then two arms, but Kaden was putting his foot down there...
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