Friday, November 03, 2006

A Day @ Peddler's Village

It was a beautiful fall day, so we decided to go and see the scarecrows at Peddler's Village. We ended up spending more time watching the water and blowing bubbles!

Smile Daddy and Kaden!

Mommy has big muscles to hold both her babies!

Kaden loved looking down from the little foot bridge
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More Race Photos!

Me and Eric after he had finished

The boys- post race

Dan right at the finish line
Taira raced too, and man was she bookin' it to the finish! Go T!
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Philly Distance Run

Dan, Jeff, Eric, and Kevin before the half-marathon

Eric had time for a quick wave as he approached the starting line

There were over 13,000 people running the 1/2 marathon
It was one of the most beautiful days, weather-wise.
They guys said it was a bit too warm, but the spectators loved it!
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The Many Faces of Kenzie

We had a quick photo shoot for Kenzie's school
scrapbook. These are just a few shots.

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