Friday, June 29, 2007

The Kittens Were Born!!

Well most of you know the story... I'll re-cap really quickly... Memorial Weekend I took our male cat-Beans- to the vet b/c we thought there was something obstructing his intestines b/c he was all swollen and just laying around. We are not cat people, but Kenzie loves animals and cats are so much less high maintenance than dogs... So, we got to the vet where we had adopted Beans and they explained that we had two problems... 1st Beans was a girl, and 2nd she was pregnant! I almost died!! We had plans to have "him" fixed but I had to change the appointment about a month before and I was told he'd be fine. We'll my promiscuous cat got frisky with some mystery cat! Anyhow, we began preparing for kittens and last Tuesday morning Beans had four healthy kittens.

As much as we didn't really want this, it has been an amazing experience for Kenzie to learn. She is such an animal lover and this is something she'll remember forever.

This kitty Kenzie temporarily named "Trevor". She know we can't keep them, but thought they should have names anyway.
"Trev" as Kenzie says, is her favorite.
Beans and her kitties, a day after their birth.
Little Trev again
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The kittens were only three days old when these pics were taken.

Kenzie is so great with the kittens. She's so gentle!
Beans, is doing a great job being a momma, even though she's under a year herself!!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Uncle Bryan's Visit

Uncle Bry and Aunt Kelly came out to visit a few weekends ago. It was such a fun time and we actually had amazing weather (usually when Kel comes to visit it rains the whole time!!). We had a great weekend, but I actually only took like 4 pictures the whole time!! Can you believe it??? Sorry Kel, I didn't get any with you (mom did though).

Kaden with his cool surfer shirt on
Kenzie loves her Uncle Bry-Bry

I don't know what the silly man was doing here...???
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Uncle Dj's Prom

This one's for the family... Derrick went to a friend's senior prom a few weeks ago and asked me to swing by and take some pics before. These are just a few of the pictures that we took. We love the silly ones because it's completely both of their personalities to be goofy. Sorry guys, they're not dating, just friends... I don't want to start any rumors... but that is what sisters are good for, so think what you'd like!! :)

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Not Quite a Green Thumb, but...

I am no gardener compared with Grandmom Laurie, but we do have some nice blooming going on this summer. These flowers are all around our patio. When I remember to water them, they actually do quite well. :)

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Swinging out of Control!!

Daddy and Kenzie are insane!! The always take things just as far as they can go without injury (well most times without injury!) Swinging is just one of those areas. Luckily this is a baby swing with extra support, but Daddy still manages to push her so high she almost flips over... Daddy took these pictures, not me! (I would have ruined their fun and made him go lower if I were there!! )
Her head was in the tree... that's not a short tree!
But, could she be having any more fun? I think she has the most fun daddy ever (even if he is dangerous)

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Creek Walking

Creek walking at 2nd Street park is one of the kids' favorite summer activites! There are so many beautiful little spots along the creek. Daddy and the kids love it!

Kenzie isn't afraid of a little dirt, actually she loves it!
Adventurous Daddy leads the way

Off they go, down the creek to find another good spot to play....
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Even Daddy gets a chance to have his fun!

Daddy and Kaden were looking for Crawfish... we only found babies this time. They were too quick to catch.
Kaden is a little afraid of the water, but not with his daddy by his side.
Mommy isn't a big fan of the creek, so she just takes pictures from the side. Daddy took this one though.
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More Creek Walking

I love this picture of Daddy and his babies

There are so many great photo opps at the creek
Kenzie is great at showing kaden the ropes and teaching him how to be adventurous
Kaden's favorite part is finding rocks and throwing them in.
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Daddy has perfected Kaden's new "Picture Smile" too
Paige gets to come to the pool with us a lot too!
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