Monday, December 31, 2007

Daddy and Swoop lookin tough
Kenz sportin her toothless smile!
This is My FAVORITE picture from Christmas... I love how hard Grandpop is laughing
My love!
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Christmas with the Hughes Family~

This year we mixed things up a bit and ate Breakfast at mom-mom's house. Usually we go over to their neighbors to eat. It was delicious as always and I think we were all even hungrier than usual!
A pretty wretched shot of the fam getting ready to eat
Kenz and Silly Uncle D
Kira was awake for breakfast... next year girl!
Horray! Mikey is here, we can open presents! :) Such a fun tradition!
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This picture cracks me up because of what's on TV in front of the kids... You should know what it is! We leave it on basically 24-7 except for when we're watching the Yule Log of course!
Woohoo! Eric LOVES iTunes gift cards. Thanks dj!
Thank you Mom-Mom and Papa for the money for college!
And Papa in the traditional Santa hat!
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Mom-mom's favorite gift was her new digital camera! No more, "Oh get a picture!" :) Now she's turned into her very own photo fiend! She wanted a red digital camera... not too specific or anything! ha! Bud dad did well- he got her a red Nikon cool pix!

Note the cool red color!!
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We loved having Uncle DJ in, even if it was only for a few short days!

Kira Jane!

Kira sportin' her new striped sweater just like her older brother and sister

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Christmas Morning!

The kids all ready to open some presents! I love the sleepy eyes from Christmas morning!

Mom-mom and Papa always buy the kids' Christmas jammies. This year we went with a reindeer theme! Thanks Mom-mom and Papa!!

Kenzie and Kira!

Silly face!

Kira checking out a present and wondering what's going on!

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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Okay, so I started posting from our Christmas festivities, but there's sooo much. Here's what I have so far. More to come tomorrow. :) Enjoy! ALSO- the tooth fairy has been to our house too! What an exciting week!

Even little Kira got a few presents from Santa. Lots of practical gifts like dipers and wipes...and hairclips too!

Kade and Daddy!

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Kira hung out in her exersaucer while we opened
Kaden was sooo thrilled with his power rangers from Santa
Woo hoo! Webkinz!! She had been waiting for months!
She got the black kitty, which she named Candy and the panda, which she named Pandy. :)
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Kenzie loves her digital camera from Morgan, Philip, and Karen in FL! Thanks so much!!
Kaden getting ready to open one
I love the sleepy eyes in christmas morning pics
Little Pet Shop diary was a huge hit from Santa!! Kenzie loves it!! I think it's pretty cool too (it has a voice activated password!)
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Christmas Eve Preparations

There's so much to do on Christmas eve to get ready for Santa... Carrots and Oats, cookies, milk, letters, etc. The kids really had fun with it all this year! Then, after the kids were asleep we had to finish some last minute wrapping and complete our duties to perpare for santa too. I do believe it's one of my favorite things ever!! :) I am just as excited as the kids!

Kenzie and her oats
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A letter, cookies, and milk for Mr. Claus... the sippy cup is because our dumb cats would tip the glass over!

Kenzie outside sprinkling oats on the lawn for the reindeer!

Kaden's job was dropping nine carrots
One for each deer
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