Thursday, February 11, 2010

Awesome Snow Day # 2

We were all home again today! Merck suggested salaried employees work from home, so I was thrilled! :)
This afternoon we met the Motts and Campione's at Pennridge for some serious sledding! We had a blast and then all went to Dominics for pizza! Thanks to Mom Mangin for watching Callen for us!
There were too many pics to post, so here's slideshow! Enjoy!
- oh I also must add that Jackson is insane and not afraid of anything and I was so proud of Kaden and Kenzie for being so brave and adventurous!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard of 2010 @ The Mangins

Snow day Mangin Style
We had an awesome day at home together. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family!
We took lots of pictures so I thought I'd let you peek into our snow day!!
View from the back patio
We started the morning with Chef Kira making pancakes for the family!
Chair- check
Chef hat- check
Apron- check
All ready to begin!
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Kira helped me set the table
The finished product! YUMMY! We also made some french toast sticks b/c I didn't have that much baking mix.
Daddy and Callen enjoyed a yummy start to our snowday!
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Family round of Hullabaloo
You're the winner- Do a Funky Dance!
Sadly, there are no SNOW DAYS in Cyber School :) I had to teach today, but I only had one class and then I was able to play with the fam!
Daddy had lots of outdoor work to do! Riley (the neighbor's dog) was watching. Thankfully, we have awesome neighbors and they did some of the driveway apron with the snowblower! We'll have lots more to do tomorrow!
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We found shoeboxes and made valentine's holders to take to school for class parties on Friday.
Kaden didn't have many letters, but he put AFV because he loves America's Funniest Videos! LOL

So cute little man!
Kira was proud of hers as well! She wanted to have purple in it!
The finished products... Nice work kiddos!
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I LOVE this smile on Kira
Did I mention that I really need a mudroom?
We made special valentine's cookies that we got to eat after lunch!
The kids enjoyed them with vanilla icing!
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Everyone settled down and watched a TV show... well, Callen just played with xmas boxes that I have yet to put away. Schmidt always gives me a hard time for the few xmas items I still have out!

For lunch we made mini pigs in a blanket and the kids loved them. Eric and I had Jess' famous mozzarella tomato thingies and they were wonderful as always (sorry no pics of those! )
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5 great kids havin' lunch!
Snow update... this was Aiden outside around 3pm...
look at all that snow!
Two Snow Buddies!
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Last Activity of the Night...
Making Ice Cream!

We each took a turn filling a measuring cup with snow from the back patio
We used snow, sweetened milk, and vanilla!

We added strawberry sauce, caramel, and cherries to make sundaes!
Love this sassy girl
ok so Eric is 100% convinced that I made the kids drunk from the ice cream. I assured him that the 1 Tbls of vanilla wasn't enough to make a difference! He still didn't believe me and when Kenzie said, "this ice cream makes me sleepy..." well my ship was sunk! :)
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Just like Jackson!

Kaden's hair was in need of a trim and for a while he's been asking for a buzz so that he can be "Just like Jackson!" Well last night after sledding, Daddy did the BUZZ...

Before! With hat head!
Love this little guy!
Good work Daddy!
As Handsome as Ever!
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4 in a Row

This picture represents something so much more than cute bags... those bags were packed, one for each child, with everything they would need for a sleepover! My wonderful parents kept the clan overnight last Saturday so that we could celebrate my bday.

Sidenote... these were my favorite xmas gift of 2009! I asked for them for the kids for xmas and I was SO EXCITED when I saw them! They're the best ever! They're from LL Bean if you're interested in them!
Final thought... it is almost as much work to pack all 4 kids for one night as it is to pack for an entire week! :) It was well worth it though for the 20 or so kid free hours. :) Thanks again Mom and Dad!
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Friday, February 05, 2010

Don't Even Ask!

During lunch today, this is how I found Kira...
That is a Polly Pocket Leg...
I guess she had it in her pocket and thought her nose was a better place for it...
Most moms would tell their child to remove the leg...
I said, don't move...
Grabbed my camera...
This face cracks me up... Kira looks sad and serious... I can only imagine how Holly is feeling... (Polly Pocket is called Holly in our house)
I won't be forgetting this Kira story anytime soon!
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