Sunday, April 25, 2010

Evidence at the Scene of the Crime

We caught the culprit "grey handed"...
hmm... looks like a little monkey got into the paint Uncle Eric lent Daddy!
We didn't know this top part had a bit of wet paint still on it
Kenzie was convinced that it was a raccoon b/c the prints looked pointy!
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Wedding Preparations

We're so excited that Aaron and Bethany are getting married this summer and our whole family is playing a role in the wedding! Kira is the flower girl and Kenzie is a Jr. Bridesmaid. Last weekend we went to David's Bridal with Gmom Laurie and picked out our dresses.

This one was cute...
I loved Kira's faces in all of these... she was excited and a little shy all at once. :)

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Spinning in the mirror
This dress was beautiful on Kenzie, but just a little too grown up for me! :) We need something that says, eight, not eighteen!
So pretty
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This is the back of the dress that Kenzie is wearing, but the dress is really a watermelon color
So grown up~
and a poofy princess one- please note the Batman tattoo
Hmm... what do you think about this dress??
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She must be so excited we found "the dress"
Thanks for helping Gmom Laurie
I can't wait to see the girls all dolled up on the big day.

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Missions Festival 2010

Every year QCS preschool has a Missions Festival. The kids get passports and get to travel the world to learn about different countries and how missionaries are sharing their lives with people and teaching them about Jesus. It was a fun day and Kaden was really excited that I was able to "tour the World" with him!
Love this picture of my silly man!
Getting his passport checked
Ready for takeoff! Front Row Seat!
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Kaden and his pal Aiden in the front row of the "plane"
The QCS Airliner
The 8th grade students at QCS run this special day each year! This pilot did a great job.
Kaden was vising Kenya and had a front row seat for the presentation
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Tuesday Night at the Emrs

We're so thankful for our friends and that they're committed to being a big part of our life! Tuesday night we all had dinner at the Emrs and it was a great time! The weather cooperated and we grilled out, played some horseshoes and enjoyed catching up in the middle of a busy week.

Some of the little kids- Danny is actually smiling!
Ok- Campbell makes Kira look like Shrek! She seems huge next to her... look at the size of their heads! Oh my!
Love these two friends, even if they're not the same size.
I had to post this pic of Cam b/c she's somewhat reserved in big groups, but when the little kids were sitting at this table I caught her making this silly face across the table at Danny!
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Kayla Joy is such a sweetie!
I love this one of Kayla
Steph and Jess chilling in the kitchen!
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Kira Jane

So anyone that knows Kira knows that she's a piece of work. She just cracks me up with all her craziness and sass! A few funny things...
Last night in the car she was singing Old Mac Donald...
Well, did you know he has a microwave?
Yup, on his farm he had a microwave... e-i-e-i-o.
I love her pretty eyes... even if they have no color! (all my girls will know what I mean by that)
Also, last night we were talking about the "new house" and if we get it what we'd need to do. Kira interrupted Kenzie and said, "It's not finished yet... Mr. Rich's house (as she calls it b/c Mr. Rich is our realtor) isn't finished. It needs a potty! Right Daddy, it needs a potty! And... a shower, towels, and cups, and forks, and spoons." I'm so glad she's so aware of what it takes to make a house a home... a potty and some silverware!
We love you Kira Bear!
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Sunday, April 18, 2010


We just found Kenzie's camera ( that we thought was stolen along with her DS last year... but long story I found it when packing my old purses!) and she's been enjoying taking pictures with it. This is her favorite shot... one of her sister.
I love these two and I hope they are best friends someday!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010


If you're a mom of kid my age you should know what S to the I to the M to the P means...
We saw lots of them in NH and the kids also liked finding all the acorns in the woods. We thought they made good nose decor!
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