Monday, March 28, 2011

My Baby Girl Turned 9!

Kenzie turned 9 on March 9th... I think that's called a "Golden Birthday," but all I call it is, "Holy cow my baby is NINE!" We're really proud of the person Kenzie is. This year she transitioned from private to public school and I was nervous and just overall, unsure, but she has made me SO PROUD! She's not afraid of her faith and inviting friends to church with us, she is known as being really kind and thoughtful, and she's excelling academically. Sorry, proud mama moment. Don't get me wrong, she still sasses me at every chance, but I know that we'll eventually get that under control... like maybe post-college :)

Here are a few pics from her Spa Birthday Party...

Live getting a facial

Isabelly's turn!
All the girls from 2 schools were so sweet and got along great!
LOVE this pic
Favorite dessert... cookie and milk martinis!
Dinner time
So many of my best gals came and helped run the party. Thanks Aunt Jess!
Me and My Girl... I only had a #2 candle, which we thought was hysterical!
Sweet Girls
Musical Nail polish!
Later that week we had a family party and of course Gmom Laurie made an AWESOME cake for Kenzie. Man, we're sooo spoiled!

Daddy & Cal
I was so excited to give Kenzie her present!
First she got some clothes, which she loved... then an envelope...
Reading a special message from mommy... look at her face...
Can you believe this???
Do they look a little surprised and excited??
She double checks to make sure she read it correctly...

We're going to a Taylor Swift concert with Mommy, Kenzie, Olivia, and Mrs. Jen!! Woo Hoo!

I'm not sure who's more excited the girls or the moms!!

Callen is a HUGE fan of birthday parties and loves to sing " Happy to you" as he calls it...

okay and this is by far my favorite birthday picture. Kenzie is an AWESOME big sister! She won't admit it about Kaden and Kira, but she LOVES her siblings. She was totally cool with being one of four and letting Kira and Cal blow out her candles because she knows they were excited about it. This makes me proud. Sometimes with four kids we feel like maybe they don't get enough one on one time, and they miss some opportunities, but then I look at this and realise she's learning to care for others, put herself second, and take joy in other people's happiness. I think those lessons are more important that the little things she might miss out on.

Husband Hint

I created this dream outfit for our Real HBC blog, but if anyone wants to put a little bird in Eric's ear, I'd really love the sneaks, Shirt, and sweater :) Just saying...