Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catching up...

I haven't had time to blog. Tonight I made myself a deal... If I graded ALL my journalism class assignments I could blog. I graded from 8:30-11:15pm, so I got to do a little bloggin'. I am going to be SO tired in the AM b/c I seriously need more than 6 hrs sleep, but I really needed a little unwind time :) So enjoy the few updates :)
I need to go to bed!


Last week I got to go to Kaden's class for a missions-fest day. Before the activites we got to spend some time with the newly hatched chicks in the classroom.
Mrs. Beahn is a wonderful teacher! We're so thankful for her!

Kinda cute
Chick on the head!
The principal, Mr. Swartley put a chick on Jackson's head! The kids (and moms) thought it was so funny!
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The Bellbrook Triathlon, OH

This past weekend Eric, Cal and I went to Ohio for a triathlon. Dan Emr, Eric Schmidt, Bryan, and Aaron also competed in the tri. It was a canoe/kayak 5 miles, run 5 miles, bike 18. Everyone did awesome and it was a really fun weekend! Here's the link for the race results.
We had a fun weekend with everyone! Thanks Bry and Kel for having us all out! We're already thinking about next year. :)
Team Eric!

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Team Mangin...
Bry and Aaron
Racing against the other team...
Ahh! Collision!

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My crazy hubby ready to race!
Schmidt wasn't much of a partner :) hehe
What a team!
They beat out the other canoe that started at the same time.
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Bethany and Kelly
Linds was a big help with Callen!
The river was really pretty early in the morning
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I was so proud of Eric. He did a great job and had a really fun time too!

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Bry thought it would be funny to try and take me out on his bike while looking like a complete dork! :) He was definitely the only one in the entire race with a mountain bike. 6'4" and a itty bitty bike :) hehe
Bry did great on his run!

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Emr finishing his 5+ mile run. And NO they're not spandex... they're "biking shorts" far cooler than spandex :)
Schmidt is a total ham during these races!
Aaron did great! Although, I don't think we'll be able to ever talk him into doing another one :)
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Silly Girl

Kira loved Eric's medals from the Triathlon! She wore them all day on Monday. I had to try and get a picture. They're all a little blurry b/c she NEVER stops moving :)

I love this smile

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Kira has a very busy life... so busy that she can't even find a spare minute to go potty without keeping up with her other activites.
She had to go potty, get a drink, and of course "talk to daddy" on the phone.

Phew! What a busy little life she leads :)
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sneak Peek-

Sorry. I am beyond tired... no time to blog I need to do a few things and try and get to bed early... Here's a sneak peek from our weekend in Ohio...

Callen was such a GOOD BOY this weekend!
Quickie from today- we're loving this summer-like weather and kira loved the sprinkler!
Hopefully more to follow tomorrow... Goodnight!
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Ben!

Friday was Ben's 7th Birthday! I can't believe how quickly he's grown! He was born 5 weeks after Kenzie and they did absolutely everything together when they were little. The funny thing is that Paige is 5 weeks younger than Kaden too! Strange huh? But it was so nice because for many years they were able to do so much together! We always try to do something special to celebrate Ben's bday, and this year we had a sleepover. Sat. afternoon Eric took the big kids creek walking in Perkasie and then we all met at McDonalds for dinner and the playland! Then, we came home for cake and ice cream (Kenz and Kade make the cake) and presents. We were so excited for Ben's special present! :) It was a great time with all the kids! And one bragging right... we had all 6 kids dressed and ready and actually early for church at 9am on Sunday! Sweet!
Birthday Boy
5 cute kids!
Yay! Happy Birthday Pal! We love you!
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