Monday, June 30, 2008

Ohio Visit

We had a great weekend with Bry and Kel! We played ultimate frisbee with a group of their friends, ate at BD's Mongolian Grill (Eric loved it!), golfed, hung at the pool, saw a movie, went shopping, went on a date, vistied Kel's parents, etc etc... Basically we did more in one wekeend than we usually do in a month! Life without kids is very different, but fun!

This is a picture of all of us after Ulitimate Frisbee.
PS. they failed to mention that U. Frisbee is non-stop running for 2.5 hours! Whoa! It was really fun though!
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Special Date Morning...

On Friday morning both Bry and Kel had to work. Eric and I were kind of excited because it meant we could have a date morning! We got up early (I have no choice- I am cursed to wake up by 6am!) went for a long walk, came back and got ready, went out for breakfast at Panera, and then walked around The Greene ( an amazing ourdoor shopping place). It was a really nice morning!

Eric and roll... the name of a super cool bike store.
Cute couple
E walking the fake dog!
Errg... this is the most ridiculous thing ever!! A teenage securty guard that can't just walk! Eric just kept mocking him behind his back and I was so worried he would see!! Yikes!
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No kids to photograph... toes work...
Big leaf.
Big flower.
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OnFriday afternoon Eric, Bryan, and Brent (Kel's brother) went golfing. I tagged along and drove Brent's cart. It was really fun and we had nice weather. It started storming about 5 minutes after we left.

Me and Bry
Da Boyz
Me and Brent
just a random brothers shot
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ohio bound...

Eric and I are off to Ohio this afternoon. We're going to visit his brother and sister-in-law. It should be a fun weekend (we're kid-less!). Thanks to both sets of parents for keeping all three kids for 2 days each! We appreciate you very much!

PS I am a baby and hate long car rides, but Eric won't let me buy a portable DVD player... eerrg!

Baby Andrew

Tuesday Becca and Jeff welcomed their 2nd child into the world. Andrew Jeremiah was born at 1:03pm and weighed 8lbs 4oz (that is amazing considering how tiny Bec is!) He is wonderful and healthy and big sister Julia is very excited!
I got to visit them in the hospital yesterday and Bec asked me to take a few shots for them. We got some really good ones, but the little man got hungry before we got too many solo ones of him. We'll take some more next week.
So here's the new Derstine Family

I love this one because Jeff is handing Andrew to Julia and she just looks too cute with her arms open and ready.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crawling Around

Kira is really on the go... I love watching her go
yes, I'm still watching...
and she's off
Kira's hair just kills me! It's so ratty when it's not combed to the side or clipped. She could totally pass for alittle boy in this picture! :-)
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Annoying Blogger site!

Blogger has been super annoying lately! Last night while I posted I kept getting Error messages and then Eric told me this morning that many of the posts aren't opening! It's a pain b/c they open on my computer, but not on other people's! I am too annoyed to re-blog them- sorry!

Hopefully it will resolve itself soon!

Bath "Sink"

We've recently started giving Kira baths in our kitchen sink... Not too sure how that started (I think Eric did it one day while she was dressed). It's just the perfect size for her and it's much easier on my back than leaning over the tub. She has a blast and the older kids love to watch.

She does like to play with the faucet quite a bit. :-)
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I love this little rascaly face

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This is Daddy's crazy face that makes me and the kids laugh!
Kira hates having anything on her head! She's trying so hard to get that towel off!

Kira always has something in her mouth as she goes about her daily activities. Kenzie thinks it's so funny.
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Congratulations Julia- You're going to be a BIG SISTER Today!

Today is my friend Becca's C-sections with her second child. That means Miss Julia will become a BIG SISTER today! We're excited to find out if she has a little brother or sister. Bec- We will be praying for you today and I can't wait to come and meet this little one.

Little rascal

Julia will make a wonderful Big Sister. She's very passionate about everything she does!

Love you guys!
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Monday, June 23, 2008


Last Tuesday Becca, Steph, and I met with our kids to go strawberry picking. We had a nice time and got some super sweet berries!
Thanks girlies- it was great!
What a trooper... only one week from her due-date and she was picking!