Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

1st Grade Feast

Wed. before we left for Boston we got to celebrate thanksgiving with Kenzie's class. We had a yummy feast and played lots of fun games!

Kenzie was an indian

Olivia and Jenn
Indian Kenzie playing BINGO!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So fun!
Me and my masterpiece
Jess and her beautiful wreath
Steph and her awesome wreath! She actually wasn't done... she added gold bells and cute gold stars

Monday, November 24, 2008


None of my pictures are working- they were fine earlier... How annoying. No time to repost now, so you'll have to deal with a cruddy blog! :(

Preschool Feast!

This morning was Kaden's preschool feast! I wasn't able to make it b/c I had an event for Agora, but Daddy went into work really early this AM so that he could make it. Thanks Daddy and thanks Merck! :)

Our little pilgrim
Getting ready to sing some songs for the parents

Daddy only took a few pictures b/c he video taped all the songs etc. I am excited to watch the video!

O' Christmas Tree...

So the kids decorated their little tree last night. It was a very fun, family activity and I am just so glad that they have their own tree with colored lights and obnoxious ornaments. :) hehe.
Sweet face daddy...
Kaden insisted on wearing his winter hat all night.
A pile o' kids!
Sorry for the poor quality of pics, there was almost no light in the room, so they are all murcky. :(

Ms. Big Stuff... who do you think you are?

So Kira is pretty sure she's big stuff! She now LOVES using a spoon and is really good at it. Her favorite is yogurt and Sunday AM before church I snapped a few quick pics. Now for the disclaimer... I took her dress off for obvious reasons, and she had just gotten a bath and I hadn't done her hair yet... so thus the homely child you see below! I still think she's a cutie!
"poon" as Kira calls it... Spoon
she's very pleased with herself

Family Celebration

Last week we had dinner with the fam on Kaden's real bday. Gmom Laurie made an awesome cake shaped like a pumpkin- it was SO YUMMY!

Papa and Kade

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Get Ready...

Here at the Mangin house, we are ready for Christmas! Some might say it's too early, but thanksgiving is late this year and we're in the spirit now! Plus, 101.1 and 97.5 have been playing Christmas music for weeks!

So the blog is festive and we promised the kids they could set up their Christmas tree on Sunday. We have our tree (a fresh one) that we will get right after thanksgiving and the kids have their tree (fake with colored lights-yuck!) that they get to decorate. We'll see how Kira does with the ornaments... we could be in for a long holiday season! :)

So Merry Christmas and don't be a scrooge- just embrace the wonderful season, even if it is a week or so early!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Sneak Peek... Christmas Card Follies!

So I am giving away a little bit too much by letting you see the kids' outfits, but I thought it would be funny to give you a little taste of how hard it is to get 3 kids to take a good picture. I have no idea how the professionals do it!
Kira was more intersted in the birds that kept flying by.
And thankfully I noticed the ugly house on the left hand side and we changed our venue a bit.
This time the birds even distracted Kenzie and Kaden... well who knows??
Posted by PicasaHopefully I got at least one that will work for our Christmas card. Next year with 4 kids I am pretty sure we'll be sending out a photo of our cats or something :)

Worth the Torture...

After our mini photo shoot we let the kids play for a little while on the trains and tracks. It was freezing, so we didn't last too long, but it was long enough to be a nice reward for their patience and cooperation with the xmas pics.

I love this picture
Yes, they were up really, really high. Oh Daddy!

Little man loves trains!
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Oh little Kira- she thinks she's big stuff!
This little one just keeps growing up on us. She's not so little anymore.
The Original Little Man
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Die Eagles Die!

... on the road to mediocrity

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The time is Coming...

So our camera is having some troubles... major trouble. We've been getting some error messages for a while, but it was only on occasion-maybe once a week or so. But lately they have been more frequent, and yesterday we had an error almost every other picture. It made for a very frustrating birthday party (camera-wise.) I am going to have our camera looked at, but it is my hope that before February (when the new little man arrives) that we will be the proud owners of the new Nikon D90 that just came out. It's kind of a compromise because it's sooner than I planned to upgrade, but I'm only upgrading a little. I would really like the D300, but at about $1700 for the body- I just can't justify it. So this one is much less and I have already started my schmoozing on Eric. He takes a little time and I guess I won't push too hard until the basement is done! But I officially have the itch and I am not too good at letting the itch go away on its own. So I'll keep you updated on the camera situation :)
We will get the Nikon D50 repaired and most likely be putting it up for sale, so if you know anyone... it's a really great starter camera for someone just crossing over into DSLR.Posted by Picasa

Pumpkin Party Highlights

Kaden's pumpkin party was a success! We had a nice time celebrating with all of his friends. Thank you to everyone that came- you all helped make Kaden's day very special!

We had the food table upstairs... Yummy pumpkin-apple muffins and Starbucks coffee for the adults!
We did all of the games in the basement where there is much more room to run around and be crazy. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us use your house while you were away!
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