Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today was just about as perfect as a day can get. We went to church, then the kids came home and took naps, and then we had the best afternoon with friends. We met the Schmidts, Emrs, and Jacksons down at Tohickon Creek for swimming, kayaking, the rope swing, and a cookout. It was such an awesome time! A big thanks to the Schmidts for the fun idea, for bringing the kayaks, and for Eric's expert grilling skills! We had such a fun time and are so thankful for having so many wonderful friends in our life. Tohickon is a beautiful place. We cooked out near the old mill.
Talk about a place to take pictures... I think we'll head back there soon for a family photo shoot

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Poor Aspen... yup, that's a dog all alone in a Kayak. He wasn't thrilled, but he's sooo good!
The Erics...

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Daddy and KJ
Seriously, who gave her permission to grow up??

Yes, that's my baby in a kayak all by herself!

I don't know why, but this just really made me see how grown up she's getting. I was so proud of her today!
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My first real picture of these two together. Many more to come over the years I'm sure!
Kira was making some calls by the way... she's kind of a big deal ya know!
just chillin in the country

Kade- who can't smile in the sun... can't tell you how many pics I have of this pose- love it!
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Lindsey-sporting her adorable new haircut, she donated 10 inches to Locks for Love today.
Kira running through the fields.
Cam loved riding with Kev
Danny and Dan
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My Favorite pic of the day... Can't wait to play around and edit this one a bit....
Danny and Kira kind of noticed eachother today. Ususally they play alone, but today they became pals!
Eric Schmidt in the tree ready for his highly anticipated jump through the tree branches!
Daddy and Kira (both smiling) but Kenzie stepped in front of the camera :)
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I'm not the only paparazzi at our gatherings!

What?? Is Kenzie actually looking at the camera and sort of smiling?? Can't be!
Thanks Sweetie!
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Emr Family Picture...
I told Danny to smile after this first shot where he was looking all serious and this is what I got...
Eyes scrinched closed... permanently!
Steph said this is his new "funny thing"
Well no frame-worthy family picture, but an awesome series and some great laughs! We love you Danny!
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Once again, Callen was such a good boy and put up with being dragged along to all of our crazy adventures.
Love those big eyes...
Cam's "silly face"- LOVE it!
Dan E. and Eric in the background...
Good pic of Jess... wish Cam was looking
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My little fashionista loves her brother's boots. I really need to buy her a pair b/c she must wear his at least once a day.
Today she chose to pair them with her bathing suit and a swim cover-up. She's the next Diane Von Furstenberg!
Admiring her boots... on the wrong feet no less!
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Agora Graduation

This week I was in Harrisburg for a few days for work. We had professional development and also Graduation one of the nights. It was AWESOME! I actually think it was the best graduation I've ever attended. Every detail was thought of and the kids and families were so excited to be there. It really impressed upon me how important cyber charter schools are and how it gives families an alternative option. So many of our families have amazing stories and were so PROUD to see their child graduate. It's awesome to play a small roll in this new wave of education.
It was also so fun to see lots of work friends, especially my best girl- Mandy! I wish we didn't live 3 hrs apart because I love this girl and we have so much fun together. Mandy, I guess I have to settle for 2 days every 2 months. Can't wait to see you in August!

Me and Mandy
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All the graduates- they looked great in their blue and white
This is Jenni H. and her family. Jenni was on of my journalism students and it was awesome to see her graduate and to meet her entire family. They drove over 6 hours to attend graduation- Agora is such an awesome option for so many families!
Some Cyber Co-workers... Brandy, Glen, and Jackie
Yanira, Lucy (she was my long-term sub for my maternity leave and a fellow English teacher) and Maegan (my mentor this year)
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