Tuesday, April 10, 2007


We had our second ultrasound on Friday, April 6th. Everything with baby and me looks great. The only dilemma we had was that it was impossible to determine the sex of the baby. I was exactly 18 weeks and it was just too soon to tell. Luckily, there were other measurements that we couldn't get, so we get to go back again and this time I won't leave without knowing!! So, our next appointment is Friday, April 27th. We had to wait until we get back from Disney because I couldn't get an app. that worked with my work schedule. God is really teaching me patience here! We really are so thrilled that everything is going well and that this pregnancy has been complication free! thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!

I love that you can see the baby's heart and profile so clearly!

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Friday, April 06, 2007


Although right now it's 35 degrees and calling for flurries... we have had some signs of springtime this week. We took advantage of the warm weather by meeting our friends for dinner and going to the park. It was a nice chance to enjoy the weather while it lasted.

Kenzie and her friend Kenzie Landis

Kaden loves this park because they have so many slides

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Kenzie's Easter Celebration

Daddy was able to take the day off to go to Kenzie's Easter Celebration at school. It was a fun time where the kids got to share some songs and memorized poems about what easter really means. It was a fun day including an easter egg hunt, snacks and more!

Daddy and his little girl

One of Kenzie's lines was, "J is for Jesus"

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View from entryway before...

View from entryway after...

Office before....

Office After... well more books were added later...
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Monica's Staging Business

Lots of people know that I "stage houses", but most people don't "get it". I'm always being asked to see pictures, but I never have them printed. I thought I'd share a few before and after pictures from a job that I did this week. This was a vacant "condo unit" (I use quotes because it was twice the size of my home and held a 1.5 million dollar price tag... not your average condo). So basically we rent the large-scale furniture and then bring in all of our own accessories to give the home a certail feel that appeals to the demographics of the potential buyers. Hope this helps you see what I do. :)

Office before... not too classy for 1.5 mil

Office after... it's hard to get a good shot of the whole room b/c it was small
Formal living room before....

Formal living room after...
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Gettin' Ready for Bed!

"Look Mommy, I can do it myself!"
Nice and warm with my turban head!
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Bath Time with Kenzie and Kaden

Kenzie and Kaden just love taking a bath! I definitely don't do it as often as I should, but then again it makes it seem like a special occasion! :) Bath time has ben dedicated a "mommy job" in our house because I can rinse their hair without getting water in their eyes like daddy does! ha! Right now we can fit both kids happily in the bath tub, but we'll have to wait and see what happens when baby #3 arrives this summer!

brother and sister

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Kaden got to have a mohawk while I washed his hair!

Cheesy little smile!!
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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Class ends each day with circle time with Ms. Eva

Makenzie and her friends at the Creative Writing Center

Inspecting her colored eggs
Her friends Trevor and Jaden all set to color eggs
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