Saturday, March 31, 2007

Catching up... January 2007

We loved going to the Quakertown Ice Rink. It was a huge public rink right in the center of town. It was never crowded and we spent many cold, winter days playing there. None of us have skates, but we had pleanty of fun with our sneakers and hockey sticks!

Papa couldn't find his skates, but he was giving Mommy some hockey lessons!

I think this stick was from when I was eight years old. It was tiny!

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Kitty Cat Birthday Party

Mommy and her little kitty birthday girl!
Yummy lunchtime! We had pb&j, Mandarin Oranges (Kenzie's favorite), goldfish, and fruit salad for the the kids.
Kitty Kaden enjoying his sandwhich
Kenzie and Ben
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EEWW! The litter box cake was a hit with the kids!
The room was all set, now we just needed kitties
Mom-mom and Papa got into the kitty theme with their very own costumes!
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Happy 5th Birthday Kenzie!

On March 9th, Kenzie's actual birthday. We had cupcakes for BREAKFAST! It was daddy's special treat before he had to go to work. So at 7:00am we were singing and celebrating!

Make a wish!
Blow out all the candles!
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A Snowy Day with our Friends

Kenzie and Ben
That's what I call a Best Friend!
Daddy loves taking pictures of the kids!
All smiles, except for Kaden. He was having a bit of a meltdown!
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Kaden enjoys eating the snow more than playing in it!

Peek a boo Paige!
I love this picture because I was able to put it into black and white except for her coat.
What a cutie!
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Kenzie and her friend Emma making their princess teacups

Kenzie during the "fashion show" part of the party. This party was seriously amazing! The girls' all had the best time and it was so creative and fun!

Mommy and Princess Kenzie

All the princesses posed for a photo. The birthday girl is Makenzie's friend Makenzie Landis. She's in the back row, third from the left. Happy Birthday!
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Kenzie's Princess Day!

Kenzie looking so cool in her new shades before leaving for her friend's princess birthday party.

The girls went to a place called "Girlfriends" and had their hair and make-up done, they got to pick a costume, have their nails painted- the whole nine yards!

Kenzie being worked on by her "stylist"!

The finished product... A beautiful princess Makenzie
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Monday, March 05, 2007

The Mangin Family: Big News!!

The Mangin Family: Big News!!
In February 2007 we shared our good news that we were expecting baby number three later this summer. So far everything is going great with the pregnancy and the doctors aren't anticipating any problems at all. We thought we were done with two, but now we're so excited for this new little one. So keep us in your prayers as the months pass by.

Big News!!

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