Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kira's Birthday Party

I know it was almost 2 weeks ago, but things have been a little busy here with me working full-time!
Kira's party was on a Tuesday night with friends and family. We had a great time and Kira loved having everyone there. Thanks everyone for coming!

Eating a little dinner
Kade and Ben
Getting dinner...
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Yummy dinner... ziti (quick and easy!)
Checking out her presents
reading her cards... she's so advanced! ha!
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Kira was so excited that I was going to let her play with the ice bucket. I had just told her that it was okay... she looks so excited
going in for the ice
yum! the taste of success
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A ride from Gpop Kenny
Our noodle-flower theme... I just cut up the beveled noodles and whala- flowers!
We had lots and lots of noodle-flowers in the pool. Kevin had more fun than any of the kids playing with them

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Jules in the pool
Bday girl taking a swim... brrr
Kaden and the fun noodle decor leading to the pool
Continuing the noodle-flower theme, Eric's mom made a HUGE noodle shaped cake for Kira. It was SO yummy!
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Lighting the candle...
She was interested in the fire...
Smiling while we sang to her
Nope... she wouldn't blow it out. We've been working for about a month on blowing and she's sooo good at it. However, I never had her blow out something... so when she saw the fire and I said "blow", she was completly distracted! :) Good thing we had lots of kid helpers!
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First Cake!
Grandmom's cake was sooo pretty and sooo yummy! Thank you!
First a taste...
She's all over it...

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Can you ever have too many cake pictures?
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Hmm this is good!
two fisting
All done
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Getting ready to open all the presents. Thank you everyone!
We made Kira a new blanket for her bed. It was cuddly and warm on the nice, cool night.

Thanks Julia and AJ for the new doll. It's Kira's 1st real dolly!
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Birthday Peek a Boo

This was my favorite part of the birthday party...
While opening presents Kira started playing peek-a-boo with the blanket. She thought she was soo funny playing with everyone. I was laughing so hard.

Kira was getting a kick out of herself!
Where's Kira?
I love that you can see her little fingers holding the blanket sides. Too cute.
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