Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Stuff

How is it possible that my baby is old enough to play with big boy toys??
He loves cars, trucks, and of course sports!

This just makes me smile...
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This picture gets me to laugh every time...
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Random Posting...

I need to upload recent pics, but don't have time to right now... These are just a few randoms that I came across recently...

Did I mention that I love that my friends are just as Crazy as I am and I love that they let me plan crazy parties and events and they play along??
Kenzie and Liver... I love little athletic girls!
This is how mommy styles hair at bath times!
We really are so happy in our new home...
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

December 2010- In Review...

So I've been BAD and neglected my blog... It's finally come to an end and I've got a full Dec. catch up post... It was a busy month filled with so many fun events and special times... Here's a glimpse in no particular order! (you might need to click older posts at the bottom to see it all! I blogged like a madwoman!)
We start the season with finding a tree of course!
We found the perfect one!
We played in the maze of trees and had a blast!
We helped set the tree up and then mommy decided it needed to go on the other side! hehe
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We got creepy gifts from even more creepy brothers...
We had an awesome cookie swap- and ate all 9 dozen in about 4 days...
We (I) might have forgotten to open the flu (sp??) for the fireplace... oops!
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We got to visit with our favorite baby cousin- Jax...
We went swimming!
We had a second Christmas (Mangin side)
Umm... We had a family dance party!
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We had a spill...
a really BIG spill!
We did some sledding...
We visited the city and had a blast!
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We wallpapered the foyer... LOVE IT
We made Kenzie a cool headboard and I made a stencil to put flowers on her walls...
We experienced the snow for the first time as a big kid!
We had a night with just 2 kids!
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We had a visit from Santa!
WE DID IT!! We got 4 kids to look and smile! A Christmas miracle!
We were excited for Cal to open presents this yr (last year he was a blob!)
We had a great xmas morning!
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We attempted a picture and went to church on xmas eve
We miscommunicated about exchanging stockings... hehe I watched HIM open :)
We said sorry to Santa
We were excited that Santa came for a visit
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We... well you know what... I'll let you guess on this one :)
We had ice cream sundaes one morning for breakfast! (teddy joined us on the counter)
We painted birdhouses for daddy as a Christmas surprise...
and nailed them to a tree and wrapped it up!
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