Thursday, May 28, 2009

Callen's New Look

So Cal was in need of a little makeover... His hair had started falling out on the sides and it was looking a little bit silly.
So, as a fun surprise while Eric was at work I gave the little man a new do!

BEFORE- Little Monk Hairstyle
AFTER- Too Cool For School!

Poor Laurie had to help hold Callen. I am pretty sure I damaged her for life. What Grandmom wants to sit there and watch their grandson lose all their hair to a mohawk! thanks for your help mom!
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"I love my new do mom! "
Yes, it's the real deal!

"What? You lookin' at me?"
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What Does Cal Think??

"Hmm... what did Mommy do to my hair?"
"It's a Mohawk- I LOVE it!"

"I knew Mommy would make me so handsome!"
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I love the mini-grin

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just to show you how cute KJ's hair gets in this weather. I love it!
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Welcome to the Summer!

This silly face says it all... We LOVE summer in the Mangin Family.
We had so much fiun at the pool this weekend- on Sat. and Monday.
Chillin' in the baby pool
Kaden and Kenz were in the water for about 8 hrs on Monday!
Here we go Kira! You're old enough to love the pool this year!
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No fear at all! Yet another little fish on our hands!
We have the BEST Papa EVER!
Kira is smitten by Papa. She talks about him all the time! There's no wonder why... who else would sit in the baby pool and play with her all afternoon!
Thanks Papa! We love you!
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Memorial Day @ The Jacksons

After the family party, we headed over to Jess and Kev's for a dinner BBQ. It was such a beautiful afternoon and we had lots of good food and as always, lots of fun!
The kids loved playing in Campbell's "little" pool and the adults all had fun playing badminton.
Thanks Jacksons!

The infamous stump in their yard makes for some great pictures!

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she never looks, but I love her none the less.
Impossible to get them all to sit, let alone look!

Danny and his ladies!
I LOVE Kayla! She is just sooo much fun!
Hey cutie!
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Such a pretty girl... seriously, look at those eyes!
Danny, I'm so sorry that your mommy did this to you!
It kinda looks sporty??
I don't think I could love this picture any more than I do!
Ok, maybe I love this one, just a little more!
Steph, you need to hang on to these to show potential girlfriends someday!
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Look out! Kayla's gonna shoot!
Umm what's Dan doing??
Wow! That's some emotion Dan???
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