Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shout out to my Husband

I have to give a little shout out to Eric. .. This snowman he made for the kids was amazing! It was almost 6' tall! The belly section was so big that he and the kids had to make a ramp to get it on the base. Well, even though I thought the snowman was great, I guess I didn't express my appreciation enough. So, here goes... Eric you are the Zeus of Snowman Making. Love you!

An artist at work!
Horray we have the best daddy and the best snowman!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentines Day Party

Last thursday we had a great v-day party at school. It was a fun party! Here are a few pics from the fun festivities!

Will you be my valentine??
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Just A Little Love...

For this valentines party I was in charge of coming up with a craft. Rather than making yet another little craft to bring home, we made a craft that showed love for someone else. We made potato printed baby onesies to give to the local crisis pregnancy center. It was really neat to explain to the kids that valentine's day is about love and that we were going to show love to some little babies!

These are the four potato patterns the kids could choose from. The snail and the ladybug were the biggest hit among the kids.
I did an example of each one so the kids and parents knew what we were doing!
Kenz and Olivia ready to get to work!
Little hands working on the body of a butterfly! We painted the body and then potato printed the wings!
Elizabeth using her muscles to press the potato!
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I love the the toothless grins of so many of the kindergarteners in Kenzie's class. Lots of kids asked me to take their pictures and these are a few of my toothless favorites!

Olivia sportin' a symmetrical smile
Nessa waiting for the "grown-up" tooth to arrive!
You can't tell from here, but Ms. Isabel has lost some too!
Jillian is even doing the tongue peek through!!
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Fun Friends From School

Elizabeth, Katie, and Kenz
The boys doing their "cool signs" :)
Carlie, Elizabeth, Katie, and Kenzie
Sophia, Jillian, Annaliese, Isabel and Nessa
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Kenz all ready to swap valentines!
The fun people bags that they made ahead of time to hold their valentines!
Horray! Lots of valentines from friends!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Away for the Weekend!

Woo hoo! Eric and I are off for a weekend away without the kids!! I have the camera so there will be some posting Sunday night. Until then, I leave you with a few fun songs- yes, we do like this music too! :)

Happy V-day Weekend!

PS "Reebox with the strap!" I just love thaat trip down memory lane... Oh, and do you remember the ones with the pump?? Too cool! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you all have a wonderful day with the ones you love! Eric and I are going away for the whole weekend and I am so looking forward to it (thanks mom and dad)! We are going to a Weekend to Remember Conference put on by Family Life. It should be a special and refreshing time together.

So in honor of V-day. Here are a few pics of me and my love!

Hand-held camera shot
My handsome hubby!
Another hand-held shot!

Maternity Photos with Jess and Kev

By now you all know some of our best Friends, Jess and Kev. Jess is due in 5 weeks and this week we had some fun taking some pre-baby shots. Thanks guys for putting up with me and my very "professional" studio. I just threw a black dropcloth over the kids toy wall unit and at least twice Jess was knocked on the head with falling books or toys from the top of the unit! It was annoying, but quite funny at the same time.
I am so excited to meet this little one and to become "Aunt (NOT pronounced Ant) Monica!

First some silly shots!
Does Kev have a bit of an empathy belly??
Fun with Cinderella's Wig. We were in a playroom, give me a break!
So pretty. If you have a little girl- I sure hope she looks nothing like this!!
Serious! :) ha!
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For this child I have prayed...
Just Mommy
"Smokin"Momma! :) See Jess, it's not just in college!
Just to show you that I do actually take all my pics in color, I am just a fan of the b&w.
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This is one of my favorites. Kevin is such a great guy and we love that he's always making us laugh. This pic captures the loving, appreciative smile that Jess so often gives her hubby.

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