Monday, September 29, 2008

Announcing Baby Mangin # 4- It's a Boy!

Well, it's official- we're having a boy! I was about 99.9% sure, but my intuition was confirmed tonight at our ultrasound. We are both really excited (I don't think we could have handled another girl-yikes) and we really feel like it will add a nice balance to the family. For some reason it doesn't make 4 kids seem quite as overwhelming :) We'll see if I am saying that in 4 months. Sorry in advance little man, I kind of violated your privacy with my title picture, but you have nothing to be embarassed about!

He actually did a flip while the U/S tech was scanning, so she snapped a quick picture
A face covered by a hand. And yes, Daddy has named him Skelly (like skeleton) until we have a name. Yuck!
And once again "the goods"
Now, we need all your help! We don't have a definite boy's name and this is something new for us. With the other ones we always knew the name before the ultrasound. So, help! I am going to put a poll on the side and you all can vote. Also, post comments with great suggestions. (Mom Mangin, don't even bother writing Chase... it's out of the running-ha!)
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well we're back from SC. We drove home last night so that the kids could sleep during the 10+ hour drive home. We had a wonderful week together and we are so thankful to Mom and Dad Mangin for their generousity! I can't lie though, it sure felt good to be home today. I think part of it is that fall is my absolute favorite season and I was thrilled to get home and finally embrace the fall weather (up until vacation I was trying to stay in summer mode.)
I have a few more pics to upload from the last few days in SC, but by blogging frenzy will be coming to an end b/c I have a TON of work to catch up on from all my slacking this week. So sorry if I go MIA in the blogging world. I'll do my best to stay dedicated! :)

An attempt at a family picture... Def. not our best :) but at least we're all together!
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Broadway at the Beach, SC

This was such a great place in SC. It was a HUGE collection of shops, restaurants, attractions (mini-golf over the water, IMAX, magicquest, rides, aquarium etc) and the whole thing was around water, so you walked on a boardwalk around the water. We went there two nights and had such a great time!

Pretty Sunset
Just the 2 of us (well 2 1/2 if you want to get technical)
Bry and Kel and the lighthouse
There were so many neat details and features here. I didn't take too many pics b/c we were chasing 3 kids, but I did snap this one.
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Me and Kel
And Again... not sure why I am not smiling with teeth... it looks creepy to me, but oh well... maybe I had something in my teeth???
Everyone looking over the bridge at all the huge fish in the water.
Our Family!
Again, sorry for the creepy smile. I have no clue what that's all about... maybe I was chewing gum???
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I was so excited that I was able to take Kira on her first ride! The Carousel! She really liked it and I didn't get sick, so it was great all around!
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Nice work daddy on catching this shot!
Wee! I was hoping I didn't get sick from the spinning!
I love watching my kids experience new things for the first time. Kira really enjoyed herself.
We couldn't get her to look and smile, but we tried :)
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This was one serious set of swings! I can't even tell you how high they went. We thought Kade would be scared, but that boy just LOVES thrill rides!
Broadway is the name of the place we were at... I wish I had gotten the whole sign... oh well... Amature!
whoa! Smile
Kira spent a lot of her time watching through the bars... next year little lady!
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Mini Golf- A must with the Mangins

We went to this awesome mini-golf place one morning. We actually got a little train ride to the top of the course, which was realy high up and you could even see the ocean! The kids loved it!

Kenz chillin between holes
Bry was the big winner. He had a 34! Very impressive... 3 holes in 1!
Kira and Gmom taking a quick snack break!
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Kira even got a little plastic club to carry around!
I like this picture because it shows how high up the mini golf course was and you can see the water in the distance
Kaden did a great job!
Me and Kira-bear in one of the caves... she is beginning to learn how to smile for pics... too cute
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daddy Handles...

Kira loves to ride on Eric's shoulders (as all of the kids did when they were little) but she kind of has a unique take on it... She holds Eric's ears as handles for support. Most kids would rest their hands on their daddy's head etc, but Kira just grabs the ears and holds on. I think it's too cute!

Proud daddy with nice handles!
Watching her brother and sister on a ride
Too cute

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Night Out on the Town

Last night Mom and Dad Mangin offered to put the kids down to bed for us. So the four of us were able to go out for some dessert. We had fun walking around some shops at Broadway at the Beach and then we decided that the Melting Pot was calling our names. We enjoyed a Peanut Butter Chocolate (The Origional) and a S'mores dessert plate. It was just wonderful!

Mr. and Mrs. Mangin
Mr. and Mrs. Mangin
We walked past a Kiss Coffee shop and Bry had to do an impersonation... very scary...
We had a great time together and it just reminded us how much we miss seeing Bry and Kel more often.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kira's first steps on the beach...

Lots of beach pics will come later, but I thought these were cute. This is the first time Kira can walk on the sand (earlier in the summer she was crawling) and it's really fun! These are from Sat. night when we arrived in Myrtle Beach. We had dinner and then just walked on the beach for a little while.

Yes, in a matter of minutes she was completely soaked... would you expect anything less from Eric?

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