Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Philadelphia Phantoms

Sunday night Eric and my dad took the olderkids to the Phantom's game. We bought tickets from the Schmidts' season tickets and they were awesome 2nd row seats! The kids weren't sure what to expect, but they really enjoyed it and had LOTS of stories to share about all the fights :)
Thanks Daddy for taking us to the game!
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I need to work a wee bit on Kenzie's photography skills
A bit better
Kenzie got a signed tennis ball from one of the players... not sure why they gave tennis balls and not pucks?
My big girl! She really loved that they got a tennis ball AND Kalinski scored during the game!
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Oh Kaden! That smile just kills me. :) I can't get enough of this little man's goofiness!
Cotton Candy...yum!

Papa and Kade
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Some fun pics of the team.
They had AWESOME seats!
The kids thought the goalie was really cool!

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Here I am waiting for smiles...

hmm nope
adorable and silly, but not a smile
wait for it... wait...
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Hooray! The smiles!
Well worth the wait :)
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Who Needs a Crib...

FYI... this is where all of our kids have slept for their first weeks of life. :) They all liked being in their little baby burrito, tucked in their carrier. We put them in the carrier and then the carrier in the crib. Weird, I know! But, we have great sleepers and it doesn't seem to have messed them up or anything :) Cal is getting bigger by the day, so he'll be making his transition soon.
Cal wasn't really too tired, but I wanted to get a pic of him... he's looking at me like "umm mom... what about my schedule? I'm sooo not tired!"

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KJ on the Mend...

Kira woke up this morning just fine, but within 5 minutes she was screaming crying. She was so upset and tugging at her right ear. I quickly called the Dr. and we made an appointment for 9am. Sadly, she cried the entire time until we got there... so about 1 1/2 hrs of crying- her face was sooo red and splotchy :( The dr. confirmed that she had an ear infection, but we caught it really early, so that's good!
She took her "bubble gum medicine", took a long nap, and now she's much better! Yay! I took this picture with my phone right after she woke up from her nap. I love that she's looking at me and smiling! I love this little lady. :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Just Can't Get Enough...

I just can't get enough of my little man.

BIG Stretch!
Almost caught the smile
I LOVE this! I accidently clipped his feet, but I still love it.
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I love yawning pics and I love that Cal looks preppy in this outfit
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Feeding the Ducks and Swans...

Today was nice a mild outside so when Eric got home from work we packed up the fam. and headed to feed the ducks and swans. We've been going to this pond since Kenzie was only a year old. Eric and I have sooo many fond memories of her as a toddler feeding the swans, being attacked by the swans, and just fostering her love of animals!
Today is was really fun to see Kira at that same fun age! I'm not quite sure why we don't have memories of Kaden here at this age. We definitely took him... hmmm? Sorry pal, delinquent parents I guess :)
Kenz isn't afraid of the swans at all! Mommy, on the other hand...
The swans were up on the embankment at first.
KJ... she must have said "Duck" a million times!
It was really nice to get out of the house as a family. Callen and I watched and took some pics, and then I gave him a bottle on a cute little bench and got to watch the kiddos play and explore in the creek. It was a great afternoon!
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These birds are usually sooo nasty, but today they were kind of docile, even after we ran out of bread...


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Okay, this is definitely pushing the "acceptable for the blog" limit :) Kade had to go potty "SOOO BADLY" and he's not great at finding a wooded area!
KJ and the swans

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