Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ice "Skating" Fun!

Horrayy! The pond was finally frozen enough for the kids to go "sneaker skating"!! This is our favorite thing about winter (next to Christmas!). We spend many cold, icy days at the pond in Quakertown. On Monday the Daddy took Kaden and Kenzie to the pond to play. Kira and I had to stay home because she was taking a nap. So Daddy did a great job playing fun games with the kids and also taking some pictures so that I could see the fun!
All bundled up for some fun!
What a silly face!
As much as these two are going through a bickering stage... they still can play sooo well together most of the time!

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Having some slippery fun!


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My cutie boy!

I love authentic smiles from Kenzie... you know she's having fun b/c this is her real grin!
We love this place in winter! So pretty! That is the library in the distance.
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Some fun creative shots by daddy! The ice barely looks frozen in these pics!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My "Pink" Eyed Girl!

I know, I know... who takes pictures of their sick kids- I do! I told her to give me her sad, sick face and wow she really can act! Kenzie is feeling perfectly fine, but she's still contagious. We played "school" all day (I could never homeschool!) including math, language arts, creative writing, home economics (we made bread), snack, and rest time (I needed a nap more than she did!). Because she only started meds this afternoon she will be home the rest of the week, so Mommy's school will continue!

Her poor little eyes are so red. She says they don't hurt at all- hopefully it will stay that way through the night. :)

I must mention though that I have the most dramatic daughter EVER! She has to have drops 4x per day and it took me and Eric to hold her down while she screamed and flailed the entire time. I have no idea how I am going to get them in her eyes by myself tomorrow... seriously! So if you have any tips, bring 'em on!
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WOO HOO!!! My New Lens Came!!

I had just gotten out of the shower this afternoon when I realized I had forgotten to check the mail yesterday!! So, I quickly got dressed and walked down to the mailboxes (ours are at the entrance to our development) and lo and behold... MY LENS HAD ARRIVED!!! So, I grabbed the other mail and was running back to the house. It must have been quite a scene... My hair was sopping wet, my arms were full of mail and the brown shipping box, and I was sprinting to our house!

I got home and ripped into the package. I know it sounds insane, but I was so stinkin' excited! I grabbed our camera and tried to put on the new lens... but, it wouldn't fit! I tried, and tried again... Well, finally I had to read the instructions-quite humbling considering I think I at least know how to work the basics of my camera. Well after reading I realized that I was forgetting this wasn't a Nikon lens and I had to put it on a little bit differently. So, after ten minutes- seriously it was that long, I had my camera working!

I only got to play around with it for like 15 minutes because all three kids were home and they all needed one thing or another. I did get a chance to take a few pics so I put them up for ya!
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Kira woke up just as I got the mail. So, I plopped her in her Exersaucer and just started playing around. I need to learn all the manual settings, but I had fun playing around. Kira liked chillin' out and watching me snap away.

Love that I can focus on something and have the bokeh go so out of focus!!

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I included this pic b/c it shows why I got a new lens... I want to have control over my images like this. I focused past Kira and poof! Love it!

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I love this stinkin' hat! Thanks Staci!
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Poor, sick Kenzie was not too thrilled to have me try and snap shots of her! :)

Kaden was quite willing to let me take some pictures of him as long as we went outside to do it! I did end up pushing him on the swing rather than taking pictures. That's what mommies are for!
So silly
Notthe best, but like the background
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kira is 5 Months Old!

Yesterday morning I was just getting ready for a mini photo shoot with Kira, but before I even got her situalted so that the lighting was right... my camera's battery died! I always keep it charged, but not this time. I was bummed b/c she was in a great mood. Oh well. Here are a few shots I got before it died. I am still waiting for my new lens, so once it arrives I will do a 5 month shoot!

She looks kind of like She hates this! :D
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