Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kenzie's Thanksgiving Party

Last Friday was Kenzie's thanksgiving party at school. I am a homeroom mom, so I was responsible for planning the party with another mom. We had a three hour party with lunch, games, a craft, storytime, and lots of thanksgiving fun! It was a great time and everything went very smoothly thanks to all the other moms that gave a helping hand!

My little Pilgrim!
This was a project Kenzie had done earlier in the week. It was on display in her classroom.
Rather than a traditional feast we simplified with turkey PB &J sandwiches! Gobble Gobble!
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Kaden was SO happy to be invited to come to the party. It was awesome that all parents and siblings were invited to the party. Kaden loved being with his big sister and all of her friends. He was his normal, goofy self!!
Olivia and Jillian, two of Kenzie's friends
Isabel (who's birthday was the next day) and her little sister Helena
Kenzie's seat at school.
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I was in charge of the craft for the party, so we made turkey breadbaskets. They were a big hit!

Here are Kenzie and my finished projects... On the feathers we wrote what we were thankful for!
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Reading with Principal Swartley...this really was a highlight for me. The principal of Kenzie's school comes and reads to her class every week. All the kids circled around and listened so attentively to the thanksgiving story. I am just so thankful to have her in a school where the principal is more than budgets and administrative things; he is actively involved in the student body. It was awesome!

Eli... this is Isabel's little brother and I love his huge, adorable eyes!
Mrs. Stradling (Kenzie's teacher), her daughter Annaliese (who is in the class too) and their daddy!
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now for some fun... popcorn relay races!! The other homeroom mom was in charge of planning games and the kids LOVED this one! Yes, we ran around and made a huge popcorn mess! Mrs. Stradling gave us permission and the kids thought it was so fun!

The kids were careful at first... that didn't last long!
Everyone helping to pick up some of the big pieces....

Jenn (Olivia's mom) got to use this super cool vacuum!! Thanks for your help!! PS- I told you it would make the Blog!! :)
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Coming Soon to a Christmas Card Near You!

This morning was my first attempt at pictures with all three kids! We were working on pics for our christmas cards. Surprizingly we got a few good ones that just might work! I posted just a few cute ones, but for the real winner, you'll just have to wait and see... :)

My beautiful girls!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Days Home with Mommy

Last week I was stuck in the house with the younger two because they were sick. So, I took a few pictures before lunch one day.

I LOVE this picture! Eric mentioned that Kaden has food on his face and he's still in jammies, but I love it all the same! With his little smile, I can almost hear the giggle that I'm sure went with it!
Kira is growing up so quickly! We're trying to cherish every moment because she's our grand finale!

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I like to get out from behind the camera and have some silly time with the kids too. Being preg. with Kira there was a lot I couldn't do this summer, but now it's nice to he able to run and play crazy with our crazy kids!

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At least we tried to get a cute picture of Kira with the pumpkins... no such luck. It's hard to pose a sleeping baby in a pile of pumpkins!

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Fall Fun in October

We had a really fun afternoon at the park! These pictures were from an afternoon in October. We don't have enough leaves around at our house, so we went to the park and raked their leaves! The kids loved it!

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