Saturday, May 31, 2008

Duck Jammies... Blast from the Past

When Kenzie was a baby she had these duck jammies that I LOVED! They were old man style with little ducks on them. I think part of the reason why I loved them is that Kenzie's first word was duck well it was more like dut. Well I just came across the jammies and now Kira gets to wear them. I love it!

This is a picture of Kenzie wearing them... Yes it's an old school film picture, but I took a picture of it with my digital camera.
She was sick with an awful cold in this picture... look at here poor eyes and snotty face. Too funny!
So here she is in her toy basket that she liked to sit in. Oh the memories...
I loved her was striped walls with antiqued stenciled stars with a Boyds Bears theme. Fun fun fun...
And now Kira in her Ducky Jammies!
I love these Girls!

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Friday, May 30, 2008


Can you see it? Can you believe it? Yes, Kira has enough hair for a clip!!
It takes her from nappy hair to adorable in one second!
Love it!
This tiny miracle (the clip that is) will revolutionize my daughter's style!

Having some fun with her new do...
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

BFF or Armrest?

Kira and Campbell have a very funny relationship! Sometimes it's as BFF, but other times Kira is a bit more practical and sees Cami as an armrest. The whole time these two were near eachother Kira had her hand on Campbell's head. It was too cute!

It this one she looks kind of like she's protecting Cami and watching out for her
Check out those blue eyes!
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Memorial Day

Monday we had a fun BBQ at the Jacksons! It was a beautiful day and we had good food, tons of kids, and lots of badminton! Here is a quick peek at the day. I just am doing quickie blogging this week.

Staci. Amara.
Lindsey. Kira.
Nice Hit.
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"The bad people" or "The Mean People" you pick!
Sorry Staci! :-)
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Eric. Eric.
Kayla. Too Cute.

Amara and Tim. He is such a good dad an so helpful with his 3 kids.
Lindsey. Campbell.
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Eric definitely looking for someone to take this crying child- nice work Cami
happy b-day Staci!
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Big Wus...

My daughter is a wus! This is her reaction to being held or looked at by just about any male other than her daddy or grandpas. It's so funny! I don't feel too sad, because the second they hand her back to me she's all smiles... oh the drama!
So, I'm hoping this stranger anxiety phase passes soon!

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Busy. Fun. Weekend.

We had such a great long weekend! Friday night we had dinner with neighbors, then we had friends over for a fire and s'mores. Saturday I photographed a wedding with Staci (check out her blog- see link on the sidebar) and then E and I watched a movie. Sunday we had church, out to lunch, and then pool ALL day long. Today we went kayaking with Eric and Lindsey, then hung at my parents for a bit, and then went to a cook out at Jess and Kev's with lots of friends. Phew! What a weekend huh? It was really fun and now we feel like we need a weekend to recover! :)

I have so many pictures from our festivities... actually about 1000! So, I probably will get to posting later this week. For now, here's a few cute ones of Kira... she hates hats!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back to the 50s Diner

Today after church we went out to lunch with E's parents and brother to the Back to the 50s Diner. The kids had fun playing the jukebox and picking out fun songs. We enjoyed the food and the atmosphere, but the service left something to be desired. :) Oh well! It was a nice time together before we all spent the rest of the day at the pool! I love summer!

Kaden checking out the jukebox
Trying to read the songs...
Silly Kenz
Yummy Choc. Milk that was sooo thick!
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