Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pics for Mom

So my mom is beginning to do a bedroom renovation... bye bye kelly green carpet! I told her I would look for some different inspiration pics. On Houzz you can't save pics, but you can grab the html code, so mom, this post is for you! I only had a few mins, so I'll look for more soon! Enjoy!

Ok this room has a very "you" feel. I also liked the greyish flooring- see it does work! I also really want to work a seating area in- NOT the toy bench! :)
Transitional Master Bedroom traditional bedroom
We need some great lighting and I included this one to give you an idea of what I was talking about with the rug and the bed.
Master Bedroom modern bedroom
modern bedroom design

This one has that girly feel you like, but I think we need to find something more in the middle for dad!
Beach Style Master traditional bedroom

I REALLY like the look of this room. I feel like you could pull it off!! Cool accent pillows make a huge impact and you desperately need em :)
Ideas for house traditional bedroom

If you decide on the hardwoods, we'll use an accent rug like this. I also liked the rich, warm colors of this one, but I think you're learning towards lighter tones.
Willow Tree Interiors modern bedroom

Ugg- the last link isn't working... More to come soon!!